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With almost 6 years under his radical belt, Barrack Hussein Obama, (a.k.a., Barry Soetoro) has a litany of scandals longer than President Nixon’s nose sniffing around DNC headquarters at the Watergate complex. No longer is there a need to scrutinize previous Democrat Senator Obama’s record of legislative voting (or abstentions) to determine his motives as President. No longer do we need to consult liberal media hacks who suggest we need more time to evaluate his record before jumping to hypothetical conclusions about his legacy. The time is at-hand when we can summarily review his actions as President since 2008 and conclude his agenda; to collapse (code for “fundamentally change”) America as we know it.

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Monetarily, morally, and militarily, this President is attacking “We the People” and Congress (even Democrats) for their resistance to his vision of “Hope and Change”. If one doesn’t like his policies, one becomes a racist. If one doesn’t like wide-open borders, one becomes a bigot. If one doesn’t like Obamacare, one becomes intolerant. If one doesn’t like the IRS targeting individuals, one isn’t paying his fair share. In true Roman tradition, this Emperor and his cronies are all about societal divide and conquer.

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What about that “Trust-O-Meter” thing? Right now listening to this Administration’s juveniles (or the Emperor himself) sends most Americans into the act of mortally wounding the family’s flat screen. The remedies; turn off the noise, or drink a warm glass of sour milk (it’s much easier to digest than lies and comes from a reliable source).

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So what if you’re out mixing it up at social hour, and Laura the Lib comments that you’re too conservative, narrow-minded, and intolerant to understand the benefits behind the Grande Ole Obama Transformation? Ask her, “since when did an inexperienced community organizer from Whereversworld become wiser than George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or Abraham Lincoln”?  Also remind her that founding a nation, emancipating black slaves, and drafting a Declaration of Independence was three-fold more beneficial to Americans than the litany of scandals spewing from Obama’s Oval Office. Did you get that deer in the headlights look from Laura yet?

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Paraphrasing impeached President Bill Clinton (“it depends on what the definition of IS … is”), America is assured at this point that Barrack Obama is an imposter, posing as a President, and sent to America’s political stage via a hijacked socialist Democrat party. A Party whose leadership was conceived from 1960’s communist ideologies and dedicated at making America pay for its generations of conservative transgressions. America’s payback took its chameleon appearance in 2007 when, then Senator Obama (D-IL), entered stage-left and ignited the liberal death spiral using teleprompters and Presidential pens to cement our demise. How do you spell Executive Order? The defiant tyrant has no console with the U.S. Supreme Court’s rulings that his over reaches are unconstitutional.

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2014 entered stage-right with an implosion of scandals and cover-ups leading back to White House involvements. Some effecting all Americans (Obummercare, Benghazi Consulate murders, Veterans dying coverup, I-R-S targeting, Iraq falling back into terrorists control, Russian intervention in Ukraine, NSA spying, Fast N’ Furious Gun Running to Mexico, and open border chaos and health epidemics). As reprisal to these simultaneous scandals a broad-based coalition of U.S. legislators unearthed a mountain of incriminating facts recently, forcing the Obama Administration to erase I-R-S emails from servers, deny allegations, obviate from facts, and simply lie about every scandal.  The most transparent administration in U.S. history is now imploding. To make matters worse, these scandals target people from all races and genders or anyone who envisions America’s greatness coming from its Constitutional past.

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What once were considered hallmarks of American exceptionalism (individuality, fiscal responsibility, personal freedom, personal responsibility, limited government, small business entrepreneurship, and non-violent religious pursuits), have become moving targets for the Administration’s using deception, harassment, and law suits (by the I-R-S, State Department, and Attorney General’s Office) to try and beat non-conformists into submission . From a political perspective, the Tea Party is enemy numero uno to this Regime’s survival and it’s goal of promulgating  Islam and Communism in American government.


The Tea Party is the archangel of the “Hope and Change” demon. In a Tea Party America, blacks are encouraged to participate, prosper, and propel themselves into leadership roles. In a Tea Party America, women are encouraged to become family, political, business, and community leaders. In a Tea Party America, immigrants are welcomed legally, provided they bring value to society as a “maker”, not a “taker”. In a Tea Party America, males are encouraged to be role models for family and youth, fighters for freedom, visionaries for independence, and peace makers willing to make sacrifices for others who are in true need. In a Tea Party America, society is a consortium of creative individuals, not a colony of crony collectivists.

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In 1971 the rock band “The Who” recorded a song entitled “Won’t get fooled again”, written by Peter Townsend.  Over the decades it’s become a rock legend with the lyrics bringing on new meaning on November 4, 2014.

See you on the streets and at the ballot box.

“We’ll be fighting in the streets
With our children at our feet
And the morals that they worship will be gone
And the men who spurred us on
Sit in judgement of all wrong
They decide and the shotgun sings the song

I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
We don’t get fooled again”

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Obama and Calderon: Read between the lines

Dear President Obama: 

 Before I comment on Thursday’s charade by you and Mexican President Calderon before a  joint session of Congress, I suggest your staff change the White House website’s home page rhetoric. It’s inaccurate. Mr. President, if you were really committed to being “the  most open and accessible administration in American history” why haven’t you held a national press conference since last July?  Hardly what Americans consider open and accessible. 

 Now back to topic. As a resident of Tucson I consider your comments, and those of Mr. Calderon’s, toxic toward maintaining U.S. border safety for the residents of Arizona and our entire Nation. You’re words, and inactions, to secure our southern border from drug lords, smugglers and terrorists  are either  mis-guided or intentional. In either case, you’re derelict in fulfilling your duties as Commander and Chief by protecting US citizens from foreign invasion and radical Islamic terrorism. 

 Forget about illegals coming here to do the work Americans “don’t want”. That’s a lame excuse for not securing our border especially when  long-term unemployment is near 20% in many cities with no anticipation of lowering any time soon. If you think we’re naive enough to believe only helpless Mexican nationals are crossing our borders to take our jobs, you’re extremely mistaken. If the “bad guys” can smuggle thousands of tons of narcotics and weapons into Arizona monthly, it would seem plausible that radical Muslims have already been successful smuggling  themselves and perhaps their WMD across too. 

 Mr. President, if you really want to be “Presidential”,  stop inviting foreigners into our Nation’s Capitol who berate us about our laws. Instead, why don’t you use your authority properly and hop on Air Force One for a non-stop to Davis – Monthan AFB in Tucson. Less than 30 miles of the base  you’ll be standing squarely in a hot desert wash littered with remnants of human feces,  urine, clothing, plastic bottles, sleeping bags and even a few copies of the Koran.  Just another day’s aftermath of  the successful invasion of illegals exploiting our borders with human trafficking, drugs, weapons, money laundering and terrorist intent.

I know you’re busy tackling that nasty Gulf Oil Spill, but in Arizona we’re focused on another Al Gore calamity you might call the Desert Debris Spill. Where’s Al Gore when you need him anyway? Oh silly me,  I forgot he’s still trying to determine out how many mercury-latent flourescent light bulbs it takes to energize his new $8 million palace in Santa Barbara, California. 

Mr. President, across America, and especially here in Arizona, we now understand  your “hope and change”  doesn’t include protecting our borders and our citizens from a tidal wave of crime and corruption.  Sir, you’re not doing your primary job as President of the United States protecting us, so we’ll do it ourselves. It’s equally unfortunate that you’re allowing race-baiting and boycotting by special-interests who’s objectives are jaded with lies and distortions about HB1070. Instead, you should be focusing your actions on assisting people in Arizona of all colors and demographics as they look for answers on how to protect their property, lives and jobs .  

 To make matters worse, you further place our Country in jeopardy by passing healthcare reform without securing the border simultaneously! I was born and raised on Chicago’s south side (very close to your ACORN stomping grounds) and my Chicago math is exceptional at calculating the bankrupting affect your policies have made on this Nation. Your reckless abandon continues to lure millions more into the Country with the incentive of becoming citizens in another wave of forthcoming amnesty. Worse yet, you have no idea how many jihadists have crossed our desert border with the knowledge, intent and WMD  necessary to execute another 911 – or worse. 

 I will congratulate you  on one thing, Sir. I would agree with the lame stream press that you have a way of uniting and polarizing people  – against you.  Not only are Democrats loosing elections, they’re  standing on the wrong side of the America freeway regarding AZ HB1070,  unemployment, national security, closing the border, run-away spending and government takeovers of private industry, banks, insurance companies, etc.. 

 You’ve also managed to polarize millions of veterans against your open-border policies as well. For hundreds of years Veterans have sacrificed much to assure our national sovereignty was secure thru controlled borders and managed immigration policies.  We’re not pleased with the direction you are steering us and we will remain vigilant defenders of our liberties, freedoms and Constitution whether you’re on board or not.  Freedom. Not Freedumb. 

 November 2nd can’t get here fast enough. 



P.S. Since I know you won’t take time to visit our “racist” State, here’s a few shots of your open border just south of  Tucson. Even  Al Gore would conside this landscape toxic. 








Arizona SB 1070: Doing what the FEDS Refuse To Do



The Honorable Jan Brewer
Governor of Arizona
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

NOTE: Under penalty of law;  Socialists, Liberals, Communists,  and illegal aliens (any country of origin) need not apply.

Illegal immigration has been drowning Arizona’s resources, economy, hospitals, employers, budgets and law enforcement agencies for decades with NO help from the FED’s. Governor Brewer’s  passage of AZ Senate Bill SB 1070 is a bold and correct move to restore law and order to our State.

In the wake of the new law’s passage, the hypocritical looney-left are playing the race card once again! (the only thing they can pull out of their anal aperture when they’re wrong on an issue)

Since Washington refuses to stop the tsunami of illegal bodies, drugs, weapons and potential  “WMD’s” crossing our Arizona borders,  Arizona lawmakers had to take a leadership position and enforce existing  federal laws in order to protect all of its citizens (red, white, yellow, black and green -we’re not far from Roswell) from a crime wave of epic proportions.

The Libs in Washington (and Tucson) won’t tell you the facts (and may not even know them) but there are between 500,000 to 1,000,000 illegal’s living in AZ right now. More than 1000 illegals per DAY bolt across the Nogales/Tucson/Phoenix corridor in search of free healthcare, money, jobs, drugs, weapons,  human smuggling … and amnesty.  20% of these illegals have criminal records and contribute to violent crime in our state. If you wonder why AZ has an open carry gun law, you must be reading this from your cushy recliner in Manhattan, Cape Cod, Cambridge, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle,  Portland or San Jose.

SB 1070 passed with more than 70% AZ voter approval. This approval is not confined just to Tea Party followers. Conservative Democrats and Independents (like myself) fully support enforcing immigration laws in order to protect our families and our futures. But the liberal media won’t paint you this picture. Instead, their spokespeople remain decrepid 60’s radicals  like Al Sharpton, Jessee Jackson,  and Bill Ayers  who desperately  trump false allegations about the new law saying it will perpetuate racial profiling by every law enforcement officer in Arizona.          B.S.  

Did you know that a mob of more than 1000 SB 1070 protesters threw bottles at Phoenix police on several occasions at our State Capital the past few days. They also used refried beans and pasted swastikas on the State Capital windows. The only coverage of this incident was on local FOX stations and FOXNews nationally. Again the loony left wing media endorses  Pravda and reports only what the White House permits. So much for peaceful liberal demonstrators.

Open borders are particularly good business for the socialists in Washington. It’s ALL about AMNESTY. If Obama can nationalize 20  million additional  illegal’s and give them a VOTE, he has a huge new voter base to further perpetrate his demise over American values, business,  the Constitution and your future.

Unfortunately, most of us were asleep at the wheel politically the past 20 years working hard and enjoying the benefits from a prosperous economy and low taxes established by a Republican-controlled Congress. Now our patriotic job is to sort-out this mess quickly at the ballot box this November. I refuse to sit back idly while  communists are appointed to  Presidential czar posts, a socialist sits in Oval Office, a pacifist is our Commander-in-Chief, liberals run rampant in the US Capitol, and the FEDS take control of healthcare, GM, Chrysler, AIG and Wall Street. 

Lynrd Skynrd’s new album, “God and Guns” has a song with the lyrics “This ain’t my America”. Amen to that. Socialism and communism have failed miserable around the world. History records this. The Soviets caved under political and spending pressure from President Reagan. Cuba’s fascist elite are still driving 1961 Detroit beasts  (if they can find parts for them) and  Russia, China, North Korea and Iran remain our biggest totalitarian threats. While Obama bows to our adversaries-  they plot against our best interests.

China is reaping monetary benefits from our failed NAFTA policies during the 1990’s  when US manufacturers resorted to off-shore manufacturing  from imbalanced trade tariffs/deficits and powerful union ties to the Democrat Party. The US effectively engaged in technology, manufacturing and nation building in China. China’s cheap products have invaded our culture for years while our money has flowed faster than a ballistic missile back into their banks. China owns our debt and fuels Obama’s $14-trillion run-away spending. They own our souls and our soil. Hardly what our Founding fathers envisioned when they fought the British monarchy and bravely rebelled against the 13 colonies 231 years ago.
With all the socialism taking root, why in the hell would I want my kids/grand kids to live under a failed socialist ideology? I wouldn’t – would you? (if you answered yes, you must be here illegally)

Further, it was only a few years ago  I risked my life with 125 other guys, stuffed inside a 427  foot-long nuclear submarine trained to launch nuclear weapons on our Cold War “enemies”.  Ironically the same radical ideologies we trained  to defend our Country  against,  are now being implemented upon us via the USS White House and the SS Congress!

The enemy is within.
Remain vigilant, educate those who do not understand the consequences of the past election and get your friends and family off the couch and into the voting booth this November. Much is at stake.

Smart Americans will boycott the liberal rhetoric coming from Washington and San Francisco. If the Mayor of San Francisco mandates that no city employee can visit Arizona – no problem! Keep your three dollar bills. I’m  asking all of  my friends and colleagues to boycott liberalism by not buying California wine or vacation on their beaches.

Speaking of smart Americans, please clink on the link below and get introduced to “Gabriella” of Tucson. She’s a great example of a pround “legal” immigrant and roasts the Tucson City Council meeting 4/27/10 regarding its decision to seek legal counsel and sue the State of Arizona over SB1070.




The Ultimate Peacekeeper: SSBN-636 "The Nasty Nat"

The Ultimate Peacekeeper: SSBN-636 "The Nasty Nat"

Liberals fear most, what they know least. That includes opposition. That includes facts. That includes the military. That includes veterans. That includes submariners.

I’m called a warmonger, baby killer, Rambo, soldier of fortune and invader. I’ve returned home to jeering, spitting, finger pointing and name-calling. Under paid, under funded and misunderstood, I do my job quietly and with honor. I’ve worked for Commanders-in-Chiefs from both political parties, but none so liberal as my current Boss. I couldn’t disagree more with this liberal than I could with Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Fidel Castro, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Kim Jon IL or Hugo Chavez.

This President AND these Democrats don’t care to know me. They perceive me as neanderthal, barbaric in values, uncouth in nature and vigilant in action. Old-school by character, I hold true to our Founding Fathers, The Constitution, Bill of Rights, God, Country, Family, Free Speech and Guns. I served my Country to defend and protect the very Freedoms these liberals want to take away.

During WWII I crammed into an oily, smelly, tepid tube of steel, listening patiently for the Enemy to crawl into my boat’s web of Death … “torpedo’s away” was the order of the day. During the Korean War, I packed quietly into a hot, dank, smoky metallic cylinder waiting patiently for the Enemy to stray across my boat’s line of sight … no better way to end a fight. During the Vietnam War, Cold War and Wars on Terror, I continue to jam into the cold Belly of the Beast, silently stalking my prey, prepared to execute the mission and silence the Enemy forever. Like a lion hunting a heard of antelope, I wait silently for the command to launch my birds of prey. They can soar like Eagles on one-way missions. Unlike a liberal politician, these birds can’t be re-called. Thank God these birds have never had to leave their nest.

Since January 2009, America’s enemies continue to work diligently to kill innocent American’s while Liberals divert our Country far off course from its rock-solid foundation. The smell of liberalism reeks inside the halls of Congress. The smell is overpowering like the scent of 130 submariners awaiting their Maker when the Thresher dove violently past crush depth. Like the Thresher, this Congress has lost control too and is pointing America toward violent collapse.

$pending our way into prosperity will never work. Three Trillion $$$ of stimulus has not worked. Calling veterans “right-wing terrorists“ in a recent DHS report will not work. Trying to eliminate my right to bear and own arms will not work. Trying to quiet my right to free speech will not work. Giving amnesty to 20 million illegal aliens will not work. Socializing my healthcare will not work. Giving 20 million illegal aliens free healthcare will not work. Increasing my taxes to pay for their follies will not work. Taking control of GM, Chrysler, Freddie/Fanny and AIG will not work. What will work?

Voting liberal Democrats out of office in 2010 will work. We must “emergency blow” back to the surface to avoid certain implosion and Death. When liberal Michigan Democrat, John Conyers (Detroit), speaking to his constituents in late July, said he hasn’t “got time to read 1000-page Bills” but votes FOR them anyway, …. America is in freefall. When we have a President bow to foreign leaders while on foreign diplomacy tours, America is in freefall. When we have a Congress that passes legislation without bi-partisan debate, America is in freefall. When we have a Congress that is prepared to pass a $1 trillion healthcare bill that will include 20 million illegal aliens, America is in freefall. When we have a Congress that passes a $1 trillion stimulus bill that has NO positive impact on our Depression, America is in freefall. When you have a Congress that has no problem funding pork barrel projects while we’re fighting a War, but at the same time is CUTTING the Defense budget … America is in freefall.

Congressman Conyers decision to pass legislation without reading it is the same analogy as a nuclear submarine firing ballistic missiles without authenticating (reading) its orders. Maybe the order was only a drill – not a call to action! The end results are both catastrophic. Americans loose. Liberals win. If this is the type of “Hope and Change” you wanted, then you deserve a ride on this liberal submarine down deep to crush depth.

For those of you who have surfaced for sanity, take action NOW before you loose the America your ancestors worked hard to build, and millions more died to protect.

Take the Tea Party to Congress. Take the message to Congress. Take the written word to the Congress. Do it passionately. Do it factually. Do it immediately. Do it to preserve your freedoms.

Freedom not FreeDumb.

“TW” Tumbleweed