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So how the hell did “We the People” get $16 trillion bucks upstream without a stop spending paddle? It certainly didn’t happen overnight; however the first 3 years under the Obama Administration has propelled America’s spending river over its banks by an unprecedented $6 trillion new spending dollars. At the current spending trends, America will quickly become as helpless as Greece paying its debt and providing its citizens with a positive economic future. America’s Democrat-controlled Congress has flipped the spending pumps on high and walked away with blind folds. Let’s explore the Democrat-controlled political climate in Washington right now. Under the “leadership” of Barrack Hussein Obama, Democrats have unilaterally placed America’s enviable role as the world’s financial and economic leader in imminent danger of collapse under a $6 trillion tsunami of irresponsible spending. More spending won’t get us out of this mess either. Keynesian economics hasn’t worked either.  So what will? Perhaps a look into our Pilgrim roots might unveil the ingredients used four centuries ago to nurture a small group of Colonies into the World’s largest super power. God, Gold and Guns were their formula for success.  But let’s dig deeper.

Are we past the point of no-return spending? Is 11.6.12 a date that will soon “live in infamy”? With Obama’s poll numbers tanking this President is continuing his goal of gaining power and authority by circumventing the US Constitution thru Executive Order and Executive Privilege. Since his inauguration in 2008, Obama has written more than 125 Executive Orders. One of his crown jewels of lawlessness was announced on June 15, 2012 when he indicated he intends to break Federal Law and grant immunity to almost 1 million young illegals. Four days later, on June 19, 2012, he invoked Executive Privilege and refused to supply Congress (via Attorney General Eric Holder) with thousands of documents requested during a 10-month investigation over “Operation Fast and Furious”; an illegal gun-running scheme whereby the Dept. of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms sold automatic weapons to Mexican drug cartels. This policy ended up getting Arizona Border Patrol agent Bryan Terry killed in 2010 during a shoot-out near Tucson with a e weapon  weapon traced back to the botched Operation fast and Furious.


It would seem Mr. Obama is as dangerous at spending as he is at discovering the truth. His decision to invoke Executive Privilege by withholding thousands of documents that could prove who authorized the botched Operation, indicates he may be a part of the illegal operation in some way.


Forget what you’re hearing from the liberal news outlets regarding Obama’s plan to spend us into prosperity. It’s a lie. Forget what Obama is telling you about his plan to turn the economy around. He has no plan (except tax and spend). Forget about what Attorney General Eric Holder is saying about not knowing anything about Operation Fast and Furious (or his Department if (In) Justice). He’s a liar too.  Forget about what Janet “Swiss Cheese Borders” Napolitano is telling you about how safe our southern border is. She’s living in clueless Washington DC. Forget about what Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke tells you about quantitative easing (QE1, QE2 and “Operation Twist!”). Mr. Bernanke, twist this; your latest policy is nothing more than a fancy acronym to print more money. You’re not a liar, just a puppet on a socialist President’s string.

America was not founded as a socialist nation. For that matter, almost all of our Nation’s history has been free from the ills of socialism until Post WWII. America’s roots are grounded in God, Guns and Gold (and a bunch of old-fashioned guts too).  Here’s a look back in history to see how each of these entities shaped our Country and how your Government has changed the rules of engagement on all three.



Let’s turn the spending clock back about 400 years when the world was flatter, and technology, population, government and currencies were small or non-existent. A time just before the Unites States became a bona fide sovereign Nation. The date was 1620. The month was September. The date was the 11th.  A day when 102 Pilgrim ancestors (and 30 crew members) departed an oppressive English monarchy and boarded the vessel Mayflower, a three-mast, 100-foot sailing ship, bound for the New World.

 The Pilgrims (and their close cousins, the Puritans) had a strict adherence to Christian biblical scripture and values. The Pilgrims had an unwillingness to conform to English-style Catholicism. Their leader was William Bradford, who later became the first governor of the Colony of Virginia. The 3-month sojourn to the New World was filled with sickness, death and a steadfast goal of establishing new lives free from persecution by King James 1st. Their voyage ended in November of 1620 when the Pilgrims made landfall at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts.

Inside the hull of the Mayflower laid everything the Pilgrims owned; seeds, plants, food, clothing, tools, medicines, Guns, Gold and God. These were the early pioneer settlers who later fought for their right to be called Americans. They established families, churches, governments, colonies, friendships, and alliances as they fought for freedom on the terra firma we now call “home”. The Pilgrims shared common values, faith, trust, skills, trades and the knowledge of how to barter goods and services. They also brought with them their knowledge of currency and banking. The Pilgrims built relationships outside their colonies too. They soon realized their survival depended on a working relationship with local Native American tribes. Both cultures had skills the other desired. The Native Americans wanted to learn how to use guns for hunting and protection, how to trade furs in return for products, how to build houses, provide services and take medicines. The Pilgrims, in turn, looked to the Indians for knowledge about local animals, seeds, soils and climate conditions for harvesting foods. I like to think of this cultural exchange as early American capitalism, not liberal “co-existing”.

For almost four centuries our Pilgrimage from a small cluster of Colonies, to a World Super Power, has come with great sacrifice. We didn’t inherit a Constitution or a Bill of Rights without loss of life and limb. America didn’t become the world Mecca for freedom, agriculture, banking, finance, manufacturing, technology or medicine by allowing outside ideologies to undermine our values. We’ve fought many wars, both foreign and domestic, to assure our core beliefs remained the cornerstone of our successful Republic. I’m certain we’ll fight many more.

Contrary to socialist, eco-pop-culture, America was not founded on the ideals of;  Communism, Socialism, collectivism, political correctness, secularism, atheism, one-world governments, multi-cultureless, Islamic Shari law, gun control, open borders, auto/Wall Street/bank bail-outs, quantitative easing, $16 trillion deficits, high taxes, government bankruptcies, the New Deal, Obamacare, The Federal Reserve Note, the UAW, the UN, the Teamsters, the SEIU, teachers unions,  NPR, PBS, MSNBC, Bill Ayers, Van Jones or Barrack Hussein Obama. For the record, the aforementioned entities had zilch, zero, nothing to do with founding America in 1776.   However, these socialist ideas all have something to do with the current economic and cultural mess we’re in.

Since the birth of our Nation July 4th, 1776,  until today, our currency has been exchanged in paper and coin denominations. As the Pilgrims settled along the eastern seaboard they established 13 Colonies used a currency know as colonial script. This script was equal to the goods and services of their economy and was exchanged from that era until the Coinage Act of 1792, which established the dollar as the basic unit of currency.

Because gold and silver were also traded worldwide as de facto currency, dollar coins were first minted and circulated using silver. For more than 100 years the dollar contained various percentages of silver until just prior to 1900, when silver flooded the US market with the discovery of large deposits in the western United States. This find severely devalued silver coinage since it was now being traded readily as bullion for goods and services. The devaluation in silver coins forced Congress to pass The Gold Standard Act of 1900, and for the first time in our history, dollar bills and coins were backed by the value of gold not silver.

From the late 1800’s until 1971, paper dollars were traded under various names such as; United States Note (backed by GOLD), Silver Certificate (backed by SILVER) and Federal Reserve Note (also known as “fiat” money). The Federal Reserve Note became the first currency NOT backed by physical gold or silver bullion. Instead, our current currency is backed by taxpayer DEBT (a.k.a., government spending) owed to the Federal Reserve Bank System, a private intermediary group of banks called “The FED”.

During the Great Depression (1929-1933), the FED raised interest rates in order to protect the gold standard of the US dollar, worsening already severe domestic economic pressures and high national unemployment. At the same time, America’s distrust for banks caused a run on deposits as people began to hoard gold coins, worsening deflation and depleting gold reserves. In early 1933, President Roosevelt implemented a series of congressional acts and Executive Orders suspending the gold standard as a universal method for paying personal debts and banned private ownership of significant amounts of gold – in effect confiscating gold from the public.

In 1971, the Federal Reserve Note became known as “fiat currency”, where for the first time in US history, the bearer had NO right to demand from the Federal Government gold or silver as equal exchange. The switch to a fiat currency was due to; high inflation, high Federal spending, the Viet Nam War, high foreign oil prices, and unwillingness by Congress to cut spending (sound familiar?). As a result, President Nixon unilaterally ordered the cancellation of direct convertibility of the dollar into gold. Our Nation’s currency was for the first time, backed on public debt, not bullion.  You can’t blame our economic demise totally on the Dem’s. A Republican President had his fingerprints on the dollar demise too.



The basic methods for operating firearms hasn’t changed since the Pilgrims landed in 1620; lock, load, aim, and fire. Additionally, the reasons for using firearms haven’t changed either; guns are made to exterminate life, however guns don’t kill, people do.

As a society, Americans have owned, operated and manufactured weapons for various reasons, all of which are associated with the preservation and protection of life, liberty and property. For about 235 years, our government has provided its military and law enforcement agencies with state-of-the-art weaponry as a means of protecting our borders, managing civil behavior and safeguarding public and private property. Citizens also own and operate firearms for similar reasons; personal/property protection, hunting game, sport shooting and gun collecting.

When it comes to placing firearms into the public’s hands, the rules get complex and very political. The Federal Government regulates and distributes weapons throughout the military as it sees fit. “We the People” have no control over those policies – Congress does. In the civilian sector there are various Federal agencies (FBI, BATFE, DEA, Border Patrol, US Marshalls, to name a few) which have authority to regulate and enforce the sale and distribution of weapons nationally. These agencies predominantly are under the jurisdiction of the Dept. of Justice, whose open-handed policies are supposed to protect citizens by assuring firearms don’t end up in the hands of the bad guys; convicted felons, terrorists, illegal aliens, or Mexican Drug Cartels (how do you spell “Operation Fast & Furious”, Attorney General Holder?). The rest of us law abiding gun-totters have the right to bear firearms by authority granted by America’s governing doctrine; the Constitution (specifically the 2nd Amendment). There is one caveat; if you want to own and bear firearms you have to own and operate them legally.

When the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, made camp on a desolate Massachusetts shoreline, and unloaded their weapons, they sure as hell didn’t have second thoughts about owning or using them. Life was simple and there wasn’t a myriad of government agencies waiting to regulate them back to England. Their only goal was to protect all the Pilgrim voyagers from hostile animal and human intruders, and to kill game in order to survive. These Christians were compassionate people but not ignorant. They valued life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They despised oppressive government rule. Modern-day Pilgrims are no different.



If you were a Pilgrim in 1620 you believed in a greater Being, a Creator, and an Omnipotent entity. You placed your destiny in your Creators hands – instead of your fellow men. You believed in the teachings of Christ, the Son of God, The Savior, The Lord, and Jesus. You believe in the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Ghost). You believed in the sanctity of life and the bond of marriage between a man and woman. You understood that individual liberties and free enterprise are the basis for a thriving society. You displayed moral character, worked together as a family unit and didn’t live beyond your means. Government was thought of as a necessary evil, with its governance controlled by a body of free men, not by an autocrat with selfish desires. You worked hard, saved your money and invested it in conservative institutions. You transformed your English values into American exceptionalism.

The Puritan commitment to community, education, commerce and banking also helped forge a new Nation. They understood no society could survive without establishing a rule of law and enforcing it. Self discipline was not an exception it was the norm. I you didn’t step up to the plate and produce, you starved or died. No person could afford to be a consumer of goods without being a producer as well. There was no unemployment office if you couldn’t produce. There was starvation. There was no IBC (food stamps) card if you lost your job. There was starvation. There was no public assisted housing if you decided work was too hard. There was a tent, cave, or hole to crawl into by your self. There was no “aid for dependent children” check to depend on every month agency if you decided to have children out of wedlock. There was the open road. There was no Social Security Administration to send you a monthly check when you retire. There was the open road. There was no Obamacare to pay for your “free” health insurance. There was the local medicine man or doctor – who demanded cash and barter in return for services rendered.

Principles that were simple, tough, and righteous in 1620, are now considered cruel or mean-spirited by socialists today.  Liberals have taught young Americans the past 60 years that working hard, self-discipline and being faithful to God and family – are taboo! The mantra today is that everyone should be willing to give their “fair share” to the Government. Ask a liberal how much our “fair share” is – and you won’t get an honest answer. The reason; liberals and socialists want your “fair share” because they derive power over YOU by controlling YOUR “fair share” and distributing it to those who Liberals deem as qualified recipients. Unfortunately right now, those recipients are about 50%  of the taxpaying public. The other 50%, who pay no taxes, receive your “fair share”. It’s nice to be a cheerful giver right, especially when you have no control over those who you’re giving to – or how much!

I would imagine our Pilgrim ancestors would have viewed giving much the same as the words from the Apostle Paul in Book of Corinthians:

“Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.  Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to make all grace abound to you so that in all things in all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work” – Corinthians 9: 6-8

Try explaining this Bible passage to a liberal and you’ll get deer-in-the-headlights syndrome. They don’t derive the meaning of ‘fair share” from the Bible, they derive it from an ideology of human secularism. The Socialist version of the Bible might read like this: “tax, spend and distribute from the producers to the consumers as we mandate, in order to create class dependency, class warfare, and class envy, as a means for obtaining power and control over society”.

Our Nation is sick. We’re over weight, over debt, over taxed and over run by liberalism. As a society the last 60 years, we’ve strayed far from our foundational morality. The Pilgrims were revolutionaries in their own time. Like the spirit of millions of us today, the Pilgrims came to the New World with passion, determination, morality, faith, God, Guns and Gold. They knew how to transform dreams into reality. “Hope and change” were not political cliché’s.  For the Pilgrims, hope and change was replaced by Faith and Freedom.

Many of you reading this Blog are part of the problem. To that I say, “Gas, grass or ass, nobody rides for free”. We have no time left to debate with morons. That strategy has been tried for decades and we know the outcome. Time is of the essence if we are to re-gain our Constitution and Country. Are you part of the solution or the problem??

Have you considered where we are as a Nation today in terms of the Three Trinity’s I relate to above? Have you realized that your socialist politicians and their minions have virtually eliminated two of these three Trinity’s? God and Gold are all but void in our society! That leaves Guns. They know it, and we know it. So there in lies the dilemma. We’re at a crossroads in American evolution. Give up your guns and go the way of Europe, or repeat history and become Germany circa 1929. History will repeat itself. Let’s not make the same mistake other nations already have.  Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, China, Russia, Syria, and Sudan – all have commonality. They all are, or have been, governed by dictators who mass-murdered millions of their own. They’re also countries where the only people with guns are the rulers.

11.6. 12 – Show up and vote for Freedom in America, or stay home and get drowned by more of the tsunami. The 2nd American Revolution Has Already Begun.



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