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“We The People” spoke loudly on 11.2.10;  the Federal government is bloated, Federal spending is uncontrollable, unemployment is near Great Depression levels, illegal immigration is rampant, Congress is governed by undesirable radicals, and national security is breached as Mexican drug Cartels control large portions of Arizona’s Sonoran Desert bordering Tucson and Phoenix. 

In defiance to these chilling facts, the  November landslide election only emboldened the Obama Administration (and the Democratic-controlled Congress)  to quickly ramrod more socialist ideologies through America’s Lame Duck esophagus.  The final tsunami of liberalism now comes at the expense of the People. Arrogance, incompetence, and  un-Constitutional maneuvers, have allowed this radical Administration to defy American will and continue its reckless legislation into the final 2 months of 2010. By passing unpopular laws and unfunded entitlement programs, the Left’s priorities have totally overridden their responsibility to the People for truthful governance.

So here we area yet again, facing more political  and civil unrest as we enter 2011. Most law-abiding citizens have been demanding a secure southern border for decades in order to preserve America’s heritage, security and sovereignty. In staunch opposition, the Obama Administration has mocked traditional American values and even sued the State of Arizona over its legislation to enforce the Fed’s own  immigration laws via passage of  AZ SB1070. 

So what’s the deal with this inept President, Democrat Congress and Homeland Secretary? Simple. It’s called greed and selfishness. Unfettered borders are critical to the political future of Democrats as they attempt to overthrow the will of the People and alter the democratic process by flooding the electorate with new voters who are addicted to their entitlement mentality.  The stats vary widely, but the high-end estimate estimates 20  million illegal aliens reside inside the US borders. What’s even more frightening is not knowing how many illegals are here planning another 911-style jihad attack, compliments of Mexican Cartels control of our borderlands.

While the President continues his Christmas holiday vacation spree in Hawaii, the Mexican Cartels continue their assault on Texas, Arizona and California. As the First Family swims Waikiki Beach,  the Gulf, Los Zetas, Sinaloa, Juarez and Tijuana Cartels are surfing thru gaping holes in the southern border yielding tons of contraband, humans, and potential weapons of mass destruction (WMD) directly up America’s backbone. 

At this juncture, the USA is in a precarious situation; (1) Fight Back or (2) Do Nothing (the current Obama strategy). The first strategy is the will of the electorate. The latter is the will of an arrogant President and his minions. National sovereignty is merely an ideology to this Regime,  not a state of being. The Regime does not have the intent, will or resolute to fight for any traditional values  provided for by generations of Americans. It appears as though their strategy is to break our stronghold as the most generous and powerful nation on earth and transform it into a pseudo Communist State.  

How did we get here? It’s been a slippery slope for decades. The Federal government began it’s massive expansions in 1935 when liberal Democrats passed the Social Security ACT, followed by Democrat President Roosevelt’s “New Deal” circa (1933-36), followed by Democrat President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” (circa 1965), followed  by Democrat President Jimmy Carter’s Department of Energy(CIRCA 1974), followed by Republican President George W. Bush’s Department of Homeland Security.

As the Fed’s balooned so did a certain segemnts  of American society who became addicted to unfunded entitlements. Some of those recipients were illegal immigrants who easily slipped into society thru open borders looking for migrant labor jobs and a better life –  all while conceiving children born at U.S. hospitals.  Ah yes, the infamous loophole in immigration law;  have a baby here and Junior Immigrant  is instantly an American citizen. Once born, its time for John and Jane Doe in Dayton, Ohio to expand their financial commitments and pay for a portion of  Junior Immigrant’s hospital bills, food stamps, housing and education. 

We shall now call this Obama’s “Sweet Deal Society”. He’s keeping America’s front door wide open,  letting the neighbors (and a few hundred thousand criminals) into our house, feeding them, clothing them, educating them, medicating them and giving them the crown jewel –  the right to VOTE. What fool wouldn’t make a bee-line to Laredo, Brownsville, El Paso, Nogales, or Tijuana to indulge on the forbidden fruit? It sure beats the hell out of living in a cardboard box in a Banana Republic. Everybody wins except John and Jane Doe who are now out of work, foreclosed on their home, had the Mustang repossesed and are living back home with Mom and Dad in order to get Johnny thru high school.

Life sucks to be us.

Since 2008  under the  Obama Regime,  Americans realized they share very little in common with the highest offices in the Land.  Their voices have been muted and their will has been ignored. National security has been jeopardized at the expense of selfish politicians endeared only to their re-elections. Sanity has been drowned by incompetency. In 2008, we sold our souls to socialists in return for “hope and change”. In 2010 we realized how bad that decision was. Now it’s time to understand this mistake has increased our vulnerability to jihadist attacks inside the Motherland. 

Cartel Recruit: Guns & Gangs Rule The Cruel

According to July,2010 statistics published  by Secretary Napolitano’s own officials at the U.S. Border Patrol, every major gang in the States of Texas is connected to Mexican drug cartels. This gang activity is responsible for a disproportionate amount of violent crimes in Texas, Arizona and beyond.  Cartel leadership isn’t looking for experienced thugs to recruit for their violent activities. Instead, they hit Arizona and Texas city barrios and recruit hispanic gang  “wannabes” aged 17-24 who aspire for fame, fortune and cash. The Cartels use their power and money as bait to attract U.S. hispanic juveniles into their lair, paying them from $5000 to $50,000 to murder Cartel enemies including  U.S. law enforcement officers. It’s all win-win for the bad guys. Cartel leaders know American juveniles won’t typically serve any prison time for carrying out Cartel mayhem  – and their criminal cases are sealed to the public under U.S. penal codes. It’s a criminal cocktail loaded with legal loopholes.


Juarez, Mexico (sister city to El Paso) is ground zero for Cartel warfare. It’s geographical location on the Texas border across from major US Intestate and highway systems, along with its proximity to some of  the Southwest’s most desolate terrain, makes it an ideal area for drug,weapons, cash and human smuggling. It has become a mecca for mayhem.

According to U.S. Border patrol statistics, from January 2008 to July 2010 (2.5 years), Juarez law enforcement officials reported 5897 Cartel linked murders. During that same period there were 13,972 Cartel linked murders across Mexico. By contrast, there were 2208 Coalition casualties in Afghanistan and just under 3600 casualties in all the Iran War conflicts. Without question, the southern U.S. border with Mexico is many times more violent than both the Iran and Afghanistan conflicts combined!


The Border Patrol also reports that since April 2006, it’s efforts to combat Cartel violence has afforded the Agency capture of 3.9 MILLION pounds of marijuana, 50,000 pounds of cocaine, 693 pounds of heroin and 3000 pounds of meth – all with a cash value near $5 BILLION.  They also confiscated over $105 MILLION in hard, cold, cash. What’s more staggering…these numbers are ONLY for the Texas division of the USBP. The overall California, Arizona and Texas border contraband is almost beyond most American’s comprehension. We have been invaded.

Cartels of Mexico

Like all U.S. military enemies, the Cartel leadership gets its “intel” from many of the same sources John and Jane Doe does: Fox News, CNN and conservative talk radio. They also pay close attention to Washington’s political unwillingness for the USA to protect its own borders. Our liberal leadership’s blind-eye to border security has fueled a dramatic surge in border violence in Texas and Arizona the past 2 years. Now it’s spilling ACROSS the U.S.  border into  “once-sovereign” soil . The Cartel’s are officially at war with America. Washington just doesn’t know it, or won’t admit it.  The real problem is getting Obama, Napolitano and the Democrats to take substantive action to stop violence from flowing into Texas, Arizona and California.

Based on the current socialist ideologies consuming Washington, President Obama’s flagrant mocking of AZ SB 1070 immigration law, and a clueless DHS Secretary Napolitano,  American citizens are headed for a collision course with Mexican drug Cartel violence that is exponentially crippling our southern perimeter. The President’s do-nothing,  say-nothing strategy on keeping illegals, drugs and WMD’s from crossing into the Homeland,  is serving only as a catalyst for Mexico’s Cartel leadership to brazenly assault our sovereignty.      

Unfortunately all the right heads are rolling for all the wrong reasons. It’s time Patriots join forces with the Tea Party, Conservative Republicans, and border advocates, to take action and secure the southern border along with portions of Arizona now closed to the public from control by Mexican Cartels.  


No nation has survived without total control of its borders and its immigration policies. What is the true reason behind the Obama strategy to allow uncontrolled immigration and open borders? Is it re-election thru re-patriotization of illegals – or is it the demise of capitalism and the advent of the United Socialist States of America?

Neither is an acceptable alternative with regard to the selfless sacrifices made by millions of soldiers, sailors and law enforcement officers who have died preserving our national security and sovereignty since 1776. What will you do when the Cartel comes knocking on your door?




  1. It’s why we need to get rid of this President and vote for someone who will secure and protect our nation’s border! Obama’s seem to think that by doing nothing or saying nothing about the problem will make it go away! I would hate to see the Mexican Drug Cartels take over our nation because we could be seeing a lot of beheadings here in our own backyard! I hope that the next President will be a Republican and he will take a much approach in protecting our nation than Obama!

  2. Appreciate it for helping out, fantastic info .

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