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Arizona SB 1070: Doing what the FEDS Refuse To Do



The Honorable Jan Brewer
Governor of Arizona
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

NOTE: Under penalty of law;  Socialists, Liberals, Communists,  and illegal aliens (any country of origin) need not apply.

Illegal immigration has been drowning Arizona’s resources, economy, hospitals, employers, budgets and law enforcement agencies for decades with NO help from the FED’s. Governor Brewer’s  passage of AZ Senate Bill SB 1070 is a bold and correct move to restore law and order to our State.

In the wake of the new law’s passage, the hypocritical looney-left are playing the race card once again! (the only thing they can pull out of their anal aperture when they’re wrong on an issue)

Since Washington refuses to stop the tsunami of illegal bodies, drugs, weapons and potential  “WMD’s” crossing our Arizona borders,  Arizona lawmakers had to take a leadership position and enforce existing  federal laws in order to protect all of its citizens (red, white, yellow, black and green -we’re not far from Roswell) from a crime wave of epic proportions.

The Libs in Washington (and Tucson) won’t tell you the facts (and may not even know them) but there are between 500,000 to 1,000,000 illegal’s living in AZ right now. More than 1000 illegals per DAY bolt across the Nogales/Tucson/Phoenix corridor in search of free healthcare, money, jobs, drugs, weapons,  human smuggling … and amnesty.  20% of these illegals have criminal records and contribute to violent crime in our state. If you wonder why AZ has an open carry gun law, you must be reading this from your cushy recliner in Manhattan, Cape Cod, Cambridge, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle,  Portland or San Jose.

SB 1070 passed with more than 70% AZ voter approval. This approval is not confined just to Tea Party followers. Conservative Democrats and Independents (like myself) fully support enforcing immigration laws in order to protect our families and our futures. But the liberal media won’t paint you this picture. Instead, their spokespeople remain decrepid 60’s radicals  like Al Sharpton, Jessee Jackson,  and Bill Ayers  who desperately  trump false allegations about the new law saying it will perpetuate racial profiling by every law enforcement officer in Arizona.          B.S.  

Did you know that a mob of more than 1000 SB 1070 protesters threw bottles at Phoenix police on several occasions at our State Capital the past few days. They also used refried beans and pasted swastikas on the State Capital windows. The only coverage of this incident was on local FOX stations and FOXNews nationally. Again the loony left wing media endorses  Pravda and reports only what the White House permits. So much for peaceful liberal demonstrators.

Open borders are particularly good business for the socialists in Washington. It’s ALL about AMNESTY. If Obama can nationalize 20  million additional  illegal’s and give them a VOTE, he has a huge new voter base to further perpetrate his demise over American values, business,  the Constitution and your future.

Unfortunately, most of us were asleep at the wheel politically the past 20 years working hard and enjoying the benefits from a prosperous economy and low taxes established by a Republican-controlled Congress. Now our patriotic job is to sort-out this mess quickly at the ballot box this November. I refuse to sit back idly while  communists are appointed to  Presidential czar posts, a socialist sits in Oval Office, a pacifist is our Commander-in-Chief, liberals run rampant in the US Capitol, and the FEDS take control of healthcare, GM, Chrysler, AIG and Wall Street. 

Lynrd Skynrd’s new album, “God and Guns” has a song with the lyrics “This ain’t my America”. Amen to that. Socialism and communism have failed miserable around the world. History records this. The Soviets caved under political and spending pressure from President Reagan. Cuba’s fascist elite are still driving 1961 Detroit beasts  (if they can find parts for them) and  Russia, China, North Korea and Iran remain our biggest totalitarian threats. While Obama bows to our adversaries-  they plot against our best interests.

China is reaping monetary benefits from our failed NAFTA policies during the 1990’s  when US manufacturers resorted to off-shore manufacturing  from imbalanced trade tariffs/deficits and powerful union ties to the Democrat Party. The US effectively engaged in technology, manufacturing and nation building in China. China’s cheap products have invaded our culture for years while our money has flowed faster than a ballistic missile back into their banks. China owns our debt and fuels Obama’s $14-trillion run-away spending. They own our souls and our soil. Hardly what our Founding fathers envisioned when they fought the British monarchy and bravely rebelled against the 13 colonies 231 years ago.
With all the socialism taking root, why in the hell would I want my kids/grand kids to live under a failed socialist ideology? I wouldn’t – would you? (if you answered yes, you must be here illegally)

Further, it was only a few years ago  I risked my life with 125 other guys, stuffed inside a 427  foot-long nuclear submarine trained to launch nuclear weapons on our Cold War “enemies”.  Ironically the same radical ideologies we trained  to defend our Country  against,  are now being implemented upon us via the USS White House and the SS Congress!

The enemy is within.
Remain vigilant, educate those who do not understand the consequences of the past election and get your friends and family off the couch and into the voting booth this November. Much is at stake.

Smart Americans will boycott the liberal rhetoric coming from Washington and San Francisco. If the Mayor of San Francisco mandates that no city employee can visit Arizona – no problem! Keep your three dollar bills. I’m  asking all of  my friends and colleagues to boycott liberalism by not buying California wine or vacation on their beaches.

Speaking of smart Americans, please clink on the link below and get introduced to “Gabriella” of Tucson. She’s a great example of a pround “legal” immigrant and roasts the Tucson City Council meeting 4/27/10 regarding its decision to seek legal counsel and sue the State of Arizona over SB1070.





  1. Bravo Zulu Shipmate!!!!!!

    November is coming and real change will be seen then.

    Throw them all out of office, there corruption and backroom deals with each other are what got us here. I’m not talking about the last few years,m this has been going on for many years and its time to clean house and send the government a message. We are not gooing to take it anymore.

    Its time to rebuild and start over with government for the people and by the people.

    Vote in November for the people of your choice other than am incumbunent.

    No more Corruption, No more Backroom deals, no more Porkbarrel bills, No more Acts of Socialism, No more Immoral Acts, No more Tax fraud by our leaders, No more !!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry I don’t have anymore time, I have to get to work so my business might survive, and I can keep my committment of employment to my employees.

    Living the “not so” American Dream

    Fair Winds & Following Seas to my Brothers of the Phin.

    • Hey BubbleHead! Thank for the reply. I’m getting lots of favorable emails from around the US from Patriots and Shipmates who agree – socialism must end now. This is not a drill! Come to periscope depth and commence hovering. We are ready to strike the enemy this November…. TW

  2. Right on man, I have never in my life distrusted the us government
    more than I do now. I say vote out all incomebents, socialist, progressive, Marxis, California liberals, Gay, lesbans, and anti
    Christians and get this country back on track. According to homeland security As a Airforce vet I’m considered the enemy now. If Needed I say we band together as vets and fight Obamas private army that he is building behind your back. To use on our own people if needed, this is as un American as it gets. I don’t now about you but i’m Stocking up on 223 rounds.

    Impeach the undocumented ileagle alien.


    • Kickback: The goal remains to educate and inform others about the socialist transformation of our Nation’s healthcare, economy, religions, banks, auto companies and soon, Wall Street, by deceptive radicals in Washginton – led by Barrack Hussein Obama. The enemy is definatley within and can be defeated peacefully at the ballot box in Novemeber. However, if the Democrats continue their radical transformation of Ameirica into a totalitarian State and attempt to manipulate the vote via voter fraud (via Acorn-type organizations) the public backlash will be insurmountable and swift. Be vigilant, be smart, be prepared. You are not alone.

  3. SB1070 is not an ethnical bill as so many are making it out to be. It is a “Legal or Illegal” bill. Are you in the USA legally or not? Simple question…… When the police in Arizona stop a vehicle, every legal age adult had better have identification on them and every person should be asked for their ID. No problem. Ask me if I am an American? If I know you are arresting illegals, then ask away. I am proud to show my AMERICAN identification. Damn betcha ! Other people are very much welcome in my country as long as they enter LEGALLY and do not commit crime in my country.

    It is time to take America back, Honor the Flag, Honor the Constitution and get a QUALIFIED President that is a natural U.S. born citizen.

    This is not rocket science people.

    • Ted: You’re a sound American. There are millions of us out here too. The Silent Service, along with the Silent Majority, is very angry and able to sort thru the lies, deception and assault on our Country’s Constitution, existing immigation laws and traditions. Be vigilant in your fight to educate and stimulate other Patriots into voting all Congresspersons out of office who don’t share the values our forefathers did in building America into the greatest beacon of liberty on the globe.

  4. Hi Folks,

    1st off let me Thank you for your service ! I was Air Force, and in Korea when the last actual troops came out of Nam.

    This last dying gasp from the 60’s hippies for sure needs to end come November 2010 ! We have to replace each and everyone of the Liberal, Socialistic, Progressive, PC elite SOB’s and replace them with REAL Men and Women who understand “We the People” !!!!!!

    I also agree that we need to wake Everyone ! We Need Everyone in this fight ! The good news is that I’m seeing a tsunami growing in our Country and that there is Hope ! I’ve made a personal commitment to keep up the fight, for the rest of my life ! Never Ever again will I sit back and keep my mouth shut. When I see, or hear of something or someone doing something wrong to “Our Great Country” I’m calling them out !

    As far as our new law in Arizona … what can I say except it’s about Damn Time ! Illegal is simply Illegal ! The costs and damage these Illegals have done .. is what it is. It’s WAY past time to do something about it .. and I’m 100% behind putting our foot down, and putting an end to it once and for all ! While we’re at it, this idea that you can take 2 steps into our Great Country, squat down and plop out a baby that is now a United States citizen, is BULL SHIT Too ! “OUR Constitution” does NOT say that’s the way it’s supposed to happen ! This is simply One more example of the Progressive Liberal’s Trashing and shredding “OUR Constitution”, and it needs to end too !

    I believe that if California wants ALL of our ILLEGAL’s .. let them have them !!!!! Each and Every one of them ! I personally would rather see ALL of them go home .. where ever that is ! I thing we should give them a little time to make their decision, pack up their stuff and get the Hell out. Lets say … You’ve got until November this year to ‘Be Gone’ !?!?! After that time .. “Are you here LEGALLY ?” .. No ? You’re under arrest !!!!

    Again folks, Thank You for Your Service to “Our Great Country” ! Thanks Butch for pointing me here ! And Thanks Everyone for letting me “Speak Freely” .. I feel like I’m among Friends And Great Patriots !


    • Dave: It’s a pleasure to hear from you Sir. Your comments are welcomed and very valid. Thank you for your service to our Country in Korea. You are a true Patriot who understands sacrifice is more than a politician spending money he/she does not have on people who are not citizens. It’s time to mobilze our common ideologies as veterans and stand up to this totalitarian regime which is transforming American conservative values into socialism. Millions of verterans are angry over the manner in which President Obama and Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano have alienated our patriotism and service as “threats” to our national security! Deception lurks inside the halls of Congress and the White House. Fortunatley, we are not deceived. Be vigilant. Be proud. November is near.

  5. I don’t understand why Obama can’t be removed from offfice and tried for fraud. He is derelic of his duties in so many ways,open borders, forcing bills down our throats,taking over cars,banks,private business and everything else. We have to pay up for his czars,his wife’s staff of 25 and all the chicago thugs on his staff. November can’t get here soon enough.

    • Hi Jackie:) Unfortuntaley our Constitution states a sitting President can’t be impeached for anything other high crimes and treason, as judged by the U.S. Congress. This will never happen since Congress is run and dominated by left wing socialists known as “Democrats”. Be vigilant in your efforts to educate friends, neighbors and family about the path of destruction the Obama Administtation has set forth the past 16 months. 11.2.10 is coming soon, let’s hope Obama doesn’t get us further in debt or into another major war by then. This President is a fraud – even the liberals who voted for him know this, but they don’t care. Their agenda is clear; transform America into a 3rd world socialist “banana republic” by transferring wealth from those who work and pay taxes – to those who do not (also known as communism), and by increasing the size of government and reducing the liberties of private business and the U.S. citizens. If we do not defeat this regime we will not survive as a nation very long. God speed from the Silent Service. Tumbleweed.

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