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Obama Socialism: Battle Stations Missile

The Ultimate Peacekeeper: SSBN-636 "The Nasty Nat"

The Ultimate Peacekeeper: SSBN-636 "The Nasty Nat"

Liberals fear most, what they know least. That includes opposition. That includes facts. That includes the military. That includes veterans. That includes submariners.

I’m called a warmonger, baby killer, Rambo, soldier of fortune and invader. I’ve returned home to jeering, spitting, finger pointing and name-calling. Under paid, under funded and misunderstood, I do my job quietly and with honor. I’ve worked for Commanders-in-Chiefs from both political parties, but none so liberal as my current Boss. I couldn’t disagree more with this liberal than I could with Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Fidel Castro, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Kim Jon IL or Hugo Chavez.

This President AND these Democrats don’t care to know me. They perceive me as neanderthal, barbaric in values, uncouth in nature and vigilant in action. Old-school by character, I hold true to our Founding Fathers, The Constitution, Bill of Rights, God, Country, Family, Free Speech and Guns. I served my Country to defend and protect the very Freedoms these liberals want to take away.

During WWII I crammed into an oily, smelly, tepid tube of steel, listening patiently for the Enemy to crawl into my boat’s web of Death … “torpedo’s away” was the order of the day. During the Korean War, I packed quietly into a hot, dank, smoky metallic cylinder waiting patiently for the Enemy to stray across my boat’s line of sight … no better way to end a fight. During the Vietnam War, Cold War and Wars on Terror, I continue to jam into the cold Belly of the Beast, silently stalking my prey, prepared to execute the mission and silence the Enemy forever. Like a lion hunting a heard of antelope, I wait silently for the command to launch my birds of prey. They can soar like Eagles on one-way missions. Unlike a liberal politician, these birds can’t be re-called. Thank God these birds have never had to leave their nest.

Since January 2009, America’s enemies continue to work diligently to kill innocent American’s while Liberals divert our Country far off course from its rock-solid foundation. The smell of liberalism reeks inside the halls of Congress. The smell is overpowering like the scent of 130 submariners awaiting their Maker when the Thresher dove violently past crush depth. Like the Thresher, this Congress has lost control too and is pointing America toward violent collapse.

$pending our way into prosperity will never work. Three Trillion $$$ of stimulus has not worked. Calling veterans “right-wing terrorists“ in a recent DHS report will not work. Trying to eliminate my right to bear and own arms will not work. Trying to quiet my right to free speech will not work. Giving amnesty to 20 million illegal aliens will not work. Socializing my healthcare will not work. Giving 20 million illegal aliens free healthcare will not work. Increasing my taxes to pay for their follies will not work. Taking control of GM, Chrysler, Freddie/Fanny and AIG will not work. What will work?

Voting liberal Democrats out of office in 2010 will work. We must “emergency blow” back to the surface to avoid certain implosion and Death. When liberal Michigan Democrat, John Conyers (Detroit), speaking to his constituents in late July, said he hasn’t “got time to read 1000-page Bills” but votes FOR them anyway, …. America is in freefall. When we have a President bow to foreign leaders while on foreign diplomacy tours, America is in freefall. When we have a Congress that passes legislation without bi-partisan debate, America is in freefall. When we have a Congress that is prepared to pass a $1 trillion healthcare bill that will include 20 million illegal aliens, America is in freefall. When we have a Congress that passes a $1 trillion stimulus bill that has NO positive impact on our Depression, America is in freefall. When you have a Congress that has no problem funding pork barrel projects while we’re fighting a War, but at the same time is CUTTING the Defense budget … America is in freefall.

Congressman Conyers decision to pass legislation without reading it is the same analogy as a nuclear submarine firing ballistic missiles without authenticating (reading) its orders. Maybe the order was only a drill – not a call to action! The end results are both catastrophic. Americans loose. Liberals win. If this is the type of “Hope and Change” you wanted, then you deserve a ride on this liberal submarine down deep to crush depth.

For those of you who have surfaced for sanity, take action NOW before you loose the America your ancestors worked hard to build, and millions more died to protect.

Take the Tea Party to Congress. Take the message to Congress. Take the written word to the Congress. Do it passionately. Do it factually. Do it immediately. Do it to preserve your freedoms.

Freedom not FreeDumb.

“TW” Tumbleweed


One Response to “Obama Socialism: Battle Stations Missile”

  1. Well, your definitely on the domestic terrorist watchlist Obama’s admin is running now. Congratulations, Well Done. Hopeful more americans will wake up and do something to start real and effective change in the next senate, and house of rep. member elections. We need to take out the trash on both sides of the aisles. If any of us committed the crimes that these people we have representing us we would be in jail or prison. Once again
    congrats and well done.

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