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Obama and Calderon: Read between the lines

Dear President Obama: 

 Before I comment on Thursday’s charade by you and Mexican President Calderon before a  joint session of Congress, I suggest your staff change the White House website’s home page rhetoric. It’s inaccurate. Mr. President, if you were really committed to being “the  most open and accessible administration in American history” why haven’t you held a national press conference since last July?  Hardly what Americans consider open and accessible. 

 Now back to topic. As a resident of Tucson I consider your comments, and those of Mr. Calderon’s, toxic toward maintaining U.S. border safety for the residents of Arizona and our entire Nation. You’re words, and inactions, to secure our southern border from drug lords, smugglers and terrorists  are either  mis-guided or intentional. In either case, you’re derelict in fulfilling your duties as Commander and Chief by protecting US citizens from foreign invasion and radical Islamic terrorism. 

 Forget about illegals coming here to do the work Americans “don’t want”. That’s a lame excuse for not securing our border especially when  long-term unemployment is near 20% in many cities with no anticipation of lowering any time soon. If you think we’re naive enough to believe only helpless Mexican nationals are crossing our borders to take our jobs, you’re extremely mistaken. If the “bad guys” can smuggle thousands of tons of narcotics and weapons into Arizona monthly, it would seem plausible that radical Muslims have already been successful smuggling  themselves and perhaps their WMD across too. 

 Mr. President, if you really want to be “Presidential”,  stop inviting foreigners into our Nation’s Capitol who berate us about our laws. Instead, why don’t you use your authority properly and hop on Air Force One for a non-stop to Davis – Monthan AFB in Tucson. Less than 30 miles of the base  you’ll be standing squarely in a hot desert wash littered with remnants of human feces,  urine, clothing, plastic bottles, sleeping bags and even a few copies of the Koran.  Just another day’s aftermath of  the successful invasion of illegals exploiting our borders with human trafficking, drugs, weapons, money laundering and terrorist intent.

I know you’re busy tackling that nasty Gulf Oil Spill, but in Arizona we’re focused on another Al Gore calamity you might call the Desert Debris Spill. Where’s Al Gore when you need him anyway? Oh silly me,  I forgot he’s still trying to determine out how many mercury-latent flourescent light bulbs it takes to energize his new $8 million palace in Santa Barbara, California. 

Mr. President, across America, and especially here in Arizona, we now understand  your “hope and change”  doesn’t include protecting our borders and our citizens from a tidal wave of crime and corruption.  Sir, you’re not doing your primary job as President of the United States protecting us, so we’ll do it ourselves. It’s equally unfortunate that you’re allowing race-baiting and boycotting by special-interests who’s objectives are jaded with lies and distortions about HB1070. Instead, you should be focusing your actions on assisting people in Arizona of all colors and demographics as they look for answers on how to protect their property, lives and jobs .  

 To make matters worse, you further place our Country in jeopardy by passing healthcare reform without securing the border simultaneously! I was born and raised on Chicago’s south side (very close to your ACORN stomping grounds) and my Chicago math is exceptional at calculating the bankrupting affect your policies have made on this Nation. Your reckless abandon continues to lure millions more into the Country with the incentive of becoming citizens in another wave of forthcoming amnesty. Worse yet, you have no idea how many jihadists have crossed our desert border with the knowledge, intent and WMD  necessary to execute another 911 – or worse. 

 I will congratulate you  on one thing, Sir. I would agree with the lame stream press that you have a way of uniting and polarizing people  – against you.  Not only are Democrats loosing elections, they’re  standing on the wrong side of the America freeway regarding AZ HB1070,  unemployment, national security, closing the border, run-away spending and government takeovers of private industry, banks, insurance companies, etc.. 

 You’ve also managed to polarize millions of veterans against your open-border policies as well. For hundreds of years Veterans have sacrificed much to assure our national sovereignty was secure thru controlled borders and managed immigration policies.  We’re not pleased with the direction you are steering us and we will remain vigilant defenders of our liberties, freedoms and Constitution whether you’re on board or not.  Freedom. Not Freedumb. 

 November 2nd can’t get here fast enough. 



P.S. Since I know you won’t take time to visit our “racist” State, here’s a few shots of your open border just south of  Tucson. Even  Al Gore would conside this landscape toxic. 








2 Responses to “ARIZONA SB1070: DON’T TREAD ON ME”

  1. Unfortunately BO will not have the time nor the interest to view our opinions..after all has he read the bill? His reaction of sending 1200 natl guard to the sw border is only to give the people the illusion that he is doing something without hurting anyones feelings. I am disgusted that the so called leader of this country fails to protect it for his own political agenda as well as others in congress. They will never solve anything.The easiest way for them is to grant amnesty. When have you ever seen congress do anything for the good of the country. Our governments only job is to protect our borders..that is number 1 prioirty. BO handles things by avoiding them and just doing a bit of window dressing to protect his own interests. PROTECT ARIZONA IF NO ONE ELSE WILL!

    • Dear Ann:

      You are a Great American Patroit for seeing thru the forest of political correctness and socialism cascading out of the D.istrict of C.orruption. The President of the United States, no matter what party affiliation, has a primary duty to keep our borders sovereign and citizens safe from foreign invasion. Obama is not the only President to obviscate from enforcing immigration laws but he is the first President to openly challenge a State from protecting its citizens, economy and borders by actually enforcing Federal immigration laws. Pure politics. Pure insanity. Pure weakness. Please remain vigilant and outspoken with family, friends, co-workers and neighbors about the ani-American agenda being perpetrated on our society by the Obama Adminstration. Viva la revolucion!! 11.2.10

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