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THE GULF GUSHER: OBAMA IS AWOL (Absent With Out Leadership)



OK, let’s not jump to wild conclusions about who’s to blame for this nasty British Petroleum oil spill until we consult with POTUS.  Excuse me, has anyone seen Barrack Hussein Obama lately? Aside from his weekly appearances at the golf course, or entertaining Michelle with  his version of  “lifestyles of the rich and famous” at the White House, he’s been AWOL on the Gusher.      

Alright America, cut the Commander-in-Chief some slack even if he is  approaching the  6o-day mark of the BP Deepwater Horizon mega-spill.       

Let’s take a deep breath and put this into perspective.  Mr. Obama’s absence must be the result of other priorities.     

Perhaps Mr. Obama has been conducting closed-door meetings at the 19th Hole with  BP’s CEO, Tom Hayward, trying to orchestrate a battle plan for collectively stopping the Gusher?      


Perhaps he’s been meeting with the experts from Shell, Exxon-Mobile, Chevron, Alaska and OPEC in order to gather their expertise when they faced similar calamities in other parts of the world?      


Perhaps he’s been meeting with private entrepreneurs and manufacturers to learn what techniques have worked, are planned, or are feasible in order  to stop  the BP Spill?       


Perhaps he’s been meeting with engineering experts  from MIT, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Kettering,  Boston College, and the like,  in order to brainstorm beta technology feasible to snuff the Beast?      


Perhaps Obama has been conferring with Congress to temporarily lift the “Jones Act” (Maritime Marine Act of 1920) in order to allow foreign vessels into the Gulf to assist with clean-up, skimming, reclamation and capping operations? 

Nope, that would upset his maritime union boss friends who have “dibs” on work during the Gulf disaster.   

So what ails this President? He suffers from “LDD”. Leadership Deficit Disorder. Not  treatable with pharmaceuticals, it ‘s a disorder only cured by hands-on experience, cunning, intuition and courage. Mr. Obama  has experience, but seemingly only in community organizing and spending  huge sums of other people’s money.  We need much more now.      

The real hazards for the President aren’t hiding in the sand traps or ponds at the Country Club. Instead the hazards are openly being displayed in the Gulf of Mexico as we witness  what may very soon be the world’s worst man-made ecological disaster. A biblical nightmare is unfolding right from the Book of Revelation. We need a leader. We need a hero. We need a President.      

All of this BP oil spill nonsense, North Korean naval attacks  nonsense, Iranian nuclear weapons-building nonsense, and  Benjamin Netanyahu paranoia nonsense,  seems to be interfering with Mr. Obama’s golf game, and entertaining with singers, song-writers, jocks and jerks.  The party is over. The President’s golf and Gulf handicaps are morphing daily.     

Let’s look at this catastrophe using another analogy. When a submarine succumbs to the perils of flooding in the torpedo room, the crew looks to the Captain for immediate leadership, decision-making and solutions. The right decisions now will allow crew members to discuss their actions later over a beer rather than a funeral. This situation musters a Captain with his brightest talent in order to execute immediate procedures to save the crew and the fate of his Boat. This is also when the crew pulls together as a team and uses its experience, resources and training  to stop the leak. Now is when the crew “kicks some ass” (to borrow a phrase from our Commander and Chief) to avoid sudden death. Now is NOT the time for procrastinating, golfing, partying or blaming the iceberg for being in the wrong spot while we were on watch.        

What’s next for the USS Oil Spill?  It’s obvious the President and his staff  don’t have the life experiences required to tackle a disaster of this magnitude.  Sorry Mr. Obama, you’re University of Chicago courses and Sunday worship services in Rev. Wright’s  “church” taught you many things, but not leadership of this capacity.       

So where does America turn now, the Democrats in Congress?  Based on their track record the past 16 months, hardly what most of us call “leadership”, unless that definition  means spending unlimited amounts of taxpayer money or passing legislation without reading it first.      

How about Republicans in Congress? Maybe. But there’s no time to waste if they plan to caucus their leadership and offer a roadmap on how  Republicans will bond  BP, the Fed’s, private industry and foreign oil experts together with a battle plan to snuff the Gulf Beast. With up to 40,000 barrels per day spewing into the Gulf, this is an ecological Armageddon underway.      

President Obama must take a lesson from President Carter’s Iranian hostage crisis. The Gulf Gusher can’t be allowed  to get to Day 444.  The ecological and economic damage to the Gulf States (and beyond) if  this lasts even another 60 days,  will result in unprecedented job losses, real estate losses, tourism collapse and total destruction of a multi-billion dollar fishing industry in the Southeast.       

It’s time for Americans to demand their Congress and President take immediate leadership positions by forming bi-partisan task forces WITH British Petroleum, private industry, academia and foreign nations to collectively execute a plan to save the Gulf.  This requires a President and Commander-in-Chief that can lock his ego away and listen to the experts rather than his own instincts.     

This is not the time to listen to the likes of;  Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Barbara Boxer, Christopher Dodd or Barrack Hussein Obama orchestrate a lame Congressional panel whose sole purpose will be to deflect blame from the Fed’s responsibilities and divert them to BP.  No, there’s mountains of  blame and ineptness to throw into the fan. All of it will stick like crude oil to both parties. America knows teleprompter talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words…. so let’s see some actions by this President to explain to the world how his strategies will slay the Gulf Beast now.  

Now is the time for prayer, purpose and possibilities. Now is the time for Mr. Obama to be a humble statesman who institutes actions rather than feeble rhetoric. Now is the time for Obama to reflect on the decisions of his predecessors who sat in the same Oval Office making decisions involving World Wars, the Bay of Pigs, The Cuban Missile Crisis, the Tet Offensive, Civil Rights Riots, the invasions of Iraq, 9-1-1,  and Hurricane Katrina.    

 To learn more about Barrack Hussein Obama’s (aka, Barry Soetoro)  mystical past, radical associations, felonious friends, unknown birthplaces, multiple social security numbers and vaporized college credentials – click here:    

By carefully studying Obama’s elusive past, we may be able to make conclusions about our fragile future. From what we already know about this President’s resume, our future appears as dark and murky as the oil floating hundreds of miles across the perilous Gulf waters.     

The Victim of Leadership Deficit Disorder





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