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There’s something satirical about the names of the bills being legislated under Barack Hussein Obama’s socialist regime. “The Budget Control Act of 2011”!!  What a sweet name for a sour solution to our Nation’s spending addiction. Are you kidding me? The only thing in this Act that has anything to do with controlling spending – is the Fed’s CONTROL OF SPENDING OVER YOU. There’s nothing  close to debt reduction in this legislation – ZERO. In fact, the day it was signed into law by President Obama, the national debt INCREASED by its single largest day ever – $239 Billion dollars!  The hard-core truth about this piece of legislative Ex-Lax; it only cuts Federal spending by a myopic $21 billion bucks during it’s 1st year. The excitement level across the Fruited Plain is deafening.

Many financial experts now believe the USA is on a collision course with default as a result of this legislation, and the subsequent downgrade of our Nation’s creditworthiness by Standard & Poor’s. This economic cocktail has been laced with a quadruple-shot of toxic spending, spilled across the laps of Americans by a Democrat-controlled Congress  unwilling to propose a Federal budget of any kind, and consumed by a President drunk on inexperience, socialism and Hope & Change. Sorry, but its way past time for a designated driver.

Living in Obama’s USA in 2011 is a challenge void of truth. When the President was questioned last week about the free-falling economy, unprecedented unemployment, escalating bankruptcies/foreclosures and inflation, his response was to pathetically blame the Tea Party. The Man can do no wrong and his Party can legislate nothing short of perfection. Which leads the rest of us Hobbits to fix this mega-mess.

So how do we “Git R Dun”? First, get your displeasure voiced to your local Congressional representatives. Phone, email, or visit their office in person. If you’re not in their face – they’ll be spending more money. (Funny how they split Washington as fast as they could after approving this budget reducing farce). Have you seen any of them at a Town Hall Meeting yet? Don’t hold your breath. They’re sitting at home getting intoxicated on a fresh batch of Congressional spending. The hang-over begins when they return to DC in September.

If you’re looking for a template to send to your local Congressional genius who voted FOR the Budget Control Act of 2011 ….  here you go. I recommend using a red crayon on white graph paper. You’ll only need to draw one arrow with the words “Congressional Spending”, and a line pointed vertically (that’s straight up for those of you living in San Francisco) followed by these words below:

TO:   My Local US Congress Person

FROM:   Mr./Mrs. Pissed – Off Constituent

It’s very evident that Congress has scammed “We the People” once again on passage of this debt-reduction farce, as it did with passage of Obamacare last year. Both Wall Street and John Q. Public have weighed in. The message is resoundingly clear; you have failed us completely.

The very day President Obama signed the Budget Control (?) Act as law, the national debt soared another $239 BILLION – the largest 1-day jump in history!  Further, this farce includes only $21 Billion in spending “cuts” the first year,  a light-year away from Standard & Poor’s requested $1 trillion in reductions during the first year.

So what happened? From The People’s vantage point, both Republicans and Democrats failed to get the job done accurately once again. You failed to make the hard choices – cut spending across the board – including entitlements. You failed to comply with those pesky Tea Party advocates who also requested you STOP SPENDING beyond the Gross Domestic Product. You have failed to balance our checkbook. You have failed to protect our future. You have failed to protect our children’s future. You have failed to protect our grand children’s futures.

The lack of leadership in Washington is beyond astounding – at every level. Further, the White House is void of all capacity to
economically lead America back to a path of prosperity. In fact, the President’s actions (or inactions) convey that this economic national calamity is “by design”, not default.

Wall Street has reacted once again – in a sell-off of grandiose negative fashion. Our largest debtor, China, has also reacted – negatively. Foreign markets have reacted – negatively. S&P has reacted – accurately. Congratulations! Our stellar credit rating has been stripped, along with our world economic stature as the most stable haven for sovereign investments.  Nice job.

You know, most Americans can relate to “Joe the Plumber” real well now. In fact, we think you should call him to make an emergency call at the Capitol Building.  Since WWII, Congress has been very effective at showing up for work and finding a sewage problem in the Capitol’s basement. But rather than asking Joe to pump out the sewage after each budget passage, Congress has been calling the taxpayers up demanding we raise the Capitol Building’s ceilings a few feet in order to avoid sewage from spreading into the Rotunda. Now the basement is overflowing, the ceiling has collapsed, and Congress has darted home in exile to change its tainted undies.

In my previous life as a nuclear submariner, we would have called your budget passage what it really is – “purging SAN1 overboard”.  November 2012 can’t get here fast enough. It’s time for the 2nd American Revolution to take place because you can’t pull your heads out SAN1 fast enough. Like Nancy Pelosi said a few years ago, “it’s time to drain the
political swamp”.

See you at the Town Hall Meeting.

With great rebuke,

John and Jane Public






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