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Occupy Weird Street: Communist Cornucopia


Ever since the Commie Carnival opened its Big Top in the Big Apple on September 17th, 2011, Tea Party Patriots are questioning the  motives behind these circus-goers. One of the “Occupiers” goals appears to be the verbal fornication of Wall Street, Big Business and Apple Pie. The Occupiers national agenda is spreading to business districts around the Nation thru a venue of  urban campgrounds. Don’t expect to see a lot of hand-holding or Kumbaya sing-a-longs at these revivals. Instead, these campers are into 1968 replays of “Evil Capitalism”.

Once inside the Big Top, Americans will learn some interesting facts about these circus-goers. Did you know their ringmasters
include such notables as: (a) self-described communist (and convicted 1960’s bombing terrorist) Weather Underground co-founder, Bill Ayers, (b) President Obama’s previous Green Jobs Czar (and self-acclaimed communist) Van Jones, (c) The American Nazi Party, (d) the Communist Party USA, (e) Liberal Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi, (f) Florida Liberal Democrat Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, (g) Michigan socialist/movie producer, Michael Moore. The list of other attendees is akin to reading the Obama Big Top contributors list: ex-ACORN wing nuts; anarchists; Nuevo-hippies; union leaders; teachers; criminals; college drop-ins/outs, tree-huggers; and a campground full of other radical hacks.


Flashback to June 1968:  If you’re too young to remember, this was the time when one of President Obama’s Chicago mentors, Bill Ayers, and a handful of other 1960’s anti-American revolutionaries, organized the “SDS” (Students for a Democratic Society). The SDS was an offshoot from another 1960’s radical revolutionary group known as the Weatherman Underground. Bill Ayer’s SDS had one mission; creating a violent clandestine revolutionary party that would overthrow the U.S. Government. In order to maximize national exposure, Ayers, and other SDS leaders, decided to unveil their party’s revolt during the one of the Nation’s largest political TV/radio venues; the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention. During the Convention the SDS leadership called for “four days of rage” where SDS members would initiate riots with Chicago Police in Grant Park and begin their violent overthrow of the U.S. Government.


The riots took place as planned. Violent, bloody, but fortunately no one was killed. Most Chicagoans will tell you the short-lived revolution was squelched solely by the strong-arm of the Democrat Party; mean-spirited Mayor Richard J. Daley. Rumor was Mayor Daley ordered to his Chicago Police to “shoot and shoot to kill” as a clear signal for rioters to cease and desist. The strategy
must have worked because the SDS dissidents disbanded faster than partiers at an Al Capone Speak Easy during a Chicago Police raid.






So what’s all this new protest stuff about now? If you ask any of the glassy-eyed Occupiers they’ll whimper a litany of anti-American ideologies including:

1)      Assuring Uncle Sam administers a more equitable distribution of wealth (i.e., more of your hard-earned money confiscated from your bank account and deposited into their free loading pockets).

2)      Limited (or no) profits for banks and businesses (i.e., instant 401C status for all U.S. employers)

3)      More bailouts for student debtors and upside down mortgages (i.e., a triple  dose of entitlement spending known as QE3).

4)      Government-controlled pay scales for Wall-Street and corporate “fat-cats” (i.e., indentured servitude for all Americans who choose to work).

The demands sound an awful lot like the governments of China, North Korea, Iran or the Soviet Union (a.k.a., Russia) don’t they?  Last I checked, none of these Communist countries were on the Occupiers prestigious human rights or environmental excellence list. Oh, the moronic double standard of these revolting circus-goers.

Since the CRASH of 2008, the Occupiers (and middle-America alike) have been throwing a pile of blame around. At the top of the heap are some unscrupulous Wall Streeter’s and all big spender Democrats in Washington (including Obama). Yes, Wall Streeter’s (and some CEO’s), do make incredulous incomes as compared to most Americans. Yes, some Wall Streeter’s (and CEO’s), have made fortunes illegally as well. But, New York City’s Capital Hill Gang had plenty of help from Washington D.C.’s Capitol Hill Gang assuring a few corrupt capitalists “got what they paid for”.  Yes, it’s terribly wrong that some corrupt politicians were allowed to pass financial laws for other corrupt capitalists, who in turn, were regulated by those same bad laws. To  this extent, I empathize with Occupy Weird Street. Those policies guaranteed catastrophe. But that’s where my agreement ends.

It’s obvious we need honest banking and finance reform from Washington. Unfortunately we didn’t get anything close to honesty from liberal Democrats Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd, co-sponsors of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. With a fancy title like that, you’d think these dolts would have turned dirty banking water into Dom Perignon champagne long before the CRASH. Think again. Their 849-page tree-killer opened the levies to housing and financial industry corruption at a massive scale. The scams were so large that both economic sectors ultimately crashed in 2008 paving the way for the longest and highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression. These political “reformers” were the very culprits who created loopholes that allowed mortgagors and loan originators to sell contracts to anyone with a weak pulse beat (regardless  of credit history or income).

So where’s the sweetheart in this deal? Guys like Dodd-Frank set themselves up for huge corporate contributions in return for allowing big lending institutions to write bad loans – legally.  Ever heard of credit default swaps? That’s one of the bad results of the millions of garbage loans that were bundled and re-packaged, then sold off as credit default swaps to institutions like Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae. Buried deep inside the financial feces was a monumental pile of bad debt. Not to worry though. Good old Dodd-Frank’s friend, President Obama, bailed these institutions out at your future expense. Now you, the tax payer, own a tent full of trash with no way of paying it back at a national debt level exceeding $14 trillion bucks.  How would a 3rd grader sum up this Dodd-Frank fraud?

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.


Let’s take a look at the Occupier’s demands and relate them to taxpaying facts since the 1960’s thru the 2008 Crash:

1)      A more equitable distribution of wealth: Really? So how much more is “equitable”? Look at the taxpaying facts:

  • The  top 1 percent: Americans who earned an  adjusted gross income of $410,096 or more accounted for 22.8 percent of
    all wages. But they paid 40.4 percent of total reported income taxes, an  increase from 39.9 percent in 2006, according  to the IRS .
  • The top 5 percent: Americans who earned $160,041  or more accounted for 37.4 percent of all wages in 2007. But they paid 60.6 percent of the country’s total reported income taxes, up from 60.1 percent a year earlier.
  • The top 10 percent: Americans who earned at least $113,018 paid 71.2 percent of the nation’s income taxes, up from 70.8
    percent a year earlier.
  • The top 25 percent: Americans who earned at least $66,532 paid 86.6 percent of the nation’s income taxes, up from 86.3
    percent a year earlier.
  • The top 50 percent: Americans who earned at least $32,879 paid 97.1 percent of the nation’s income taxes, up from 97 percent a year earlier.
  • The bottom 50 percent: Americans who earned less than $32,879 paid 2.9 percent of the nation’s income taxes, down from 3 percent a year earlier. (This is where  all the Occupiers want you and I to be in order to support Communism) 

2) Limited (or no) profits for banks and businesses (i.e., instant 401C status for all U.S. employers):  Really? While that may lead to charitable windfalls for the Occupiers, it’s a slam dunk recipe for economic catastrophe (wait, actually, it’s the same path Obama and the Democrats have the Country on right now).  Just ask the Russians how their former Soviet Comrades faired under the economic genius’ of the Politburo during the Cold War. Can you still hear the Berlin Wall crumbling and falling?

3) More bailouts for student debtors and upside down mortgages: Really?  Last I remember, Obama’s 2009, $787 billion, stimulus package did nothing to aid existing students to find career-path jobs, or upside down homeowners keep their homes from foreclosing. Why? It’s all about jobs stupid. Throwing more good money at bad solutions furthers our Nation’s inability to create jobs. It’s a poisonous spending pill that’s doused all economic vitality; killed incentives for small business investment, hiring and growth. Run-away spending has also stagnated consumer buying power and placed the Consumer Misery Index at its highest level since the good ole’ Jimmy Carter days. The only thing requiring a bail out is socialism at the State,
Local and Federal level. Hey Occupiers, the Federal Government spent almost $4 trillion bucks since Obama’s inauguration, yet we have the worst economy since 1929.  It appears Chicago Math doesn’t work at all.

4) Government-controlled pay scales for Wall-Street and corporate “fat-cats”: Really? So, no longer is a man’s income based on his talents, treasures, education or work experience? Novel idea if you’re trying to colonize Mars. Catastrophic idea if you’re trying to re-rail the U.S. economy. I doubt the Occupiers have studied Cuba’s economy since Fidel turned it into a communist
utopia in 1959. When Cuban surgeons earn slightly more than their garbage collecting counterparts, the result is a national economy based solely on cigars, sugar cane and bananas (i.e., a banana republic). When any government creates an environment where pay is based on the status quo rather than on risk vs. reward, there’s no incentive to achieve greatness. The weakest link in the chain becomes the norm and the norm becomes weakness.

The Occupy Weird Street crowd is a microcosm of what decades of bad U.S. legislation, big spending and socialism did to  transform the Great Society into the Entitlement Society. Rather than participating in the American Dream the Occupiers seek to dissolve it. Rather than thanking corporate America for providing them with the technology to: manufacture their IPAD, the batteries and electricity to power their IPOD, the food to nourish their bodies, or the soap to clean their dirty clothes – they resort to disrupting business on Main Street. Rather than being a part of the solution they are the revolution; a revolution being driven by violent radical Marxists, Green Party activists, Communists Party leaders, union thugs and socialist Democrat politicians. Historically these ideologies have produced cultures ruled by tyrants as illustrated by Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Marx, Lenin, Tito, Che, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Kim Jong iL, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Saddam Hussein.


Occupy Weird Street is not an accident. Neither was the nomination of Barrack Hussein Obama by the radical leadership controlling the Democrat Party. Neither was the violent clash of police and SDS members in 1968. Occupy Weird Street is the culmination of new frustrations by the same radical hippie movement from the 1960’s. The difference between 1968 and 2011; the same radical leaders of yesterday are silently steering this revolution because they’re too old to riot now. Their motives remain the same however;   the violent take-over of the U.S. Government. This time they’ll use young skulls full of mush to carry out their covert mission.


For now, Patriots will have to sit back and endure the freak show while it lasts. After all, our Constitution does call for peaceful
assembly and freedom of speech (until things get violent). Should the stage turn and the Big Top begins to catch on fire, then current passive conservative strategy must change to preserve the Republic. Despite the antics of the wacky 1%  (The Occupiers), the future of America remains bright, so long as its citizens remain focused on what is most important for our survival: The Constitution,  Conservatism, Capitalism, Creativity, Character, Commitment, Christianity, Confidence, Compassion, Corporations, Country, Cooperation, Community, Challenge, Citizenship, and Chivalry.

None of these qualities has anything to do with Communism or Occupy Weird Street, but all of these attributes have something to do with creating the greatest free nation on earth. Our greatness has everything to do with our past, our Founding Fathers and our underlying Faith in GOD. Historians throughout the anoles of time have never determined greatness in terms of governments who could; abort the most children, worship the most idols, print the most money, win the most wars, open its borders the most indiscriminately, incur the most debt, or control its masses thru the highest levels of corruption.

In one year it will be time for Patriots to Occupy the Ballot Box. Your Nation is being dismantled by radicals and liberal Democrats at a rapid pace using un-Constitutional means. They’ll use all measures necessary to take control of your life, liberty and Country – even if it means violent revolution. Be prepared to battle the Enemy on many levels. Their goal may be to create enough class-envy and civil chaos during 2012 as a means for this socialist controlled Congress to advocate the postponement of your election.

Viva la Tea Party – 11.6.2012


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