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Just when you thought we’d reached hovering depth for a quick breather from political insanity, another authentication comes thru the trailing wire and we scramble out of a drill directly to Battle Stations Missile.  THE PRESIDENT HAS ORDERED AN ATTACK ON THE CIA. Proceed to DEFCON 5 Gentlemen, it’s time to protect our assets.

Your President has ordered Attorney General Eric Holder to re-investigate a dozen CIA officers who were allegedly involved in interrogating GITMO “detainees” (previously called prisoners of war). May I remind you, these prisoners were participants  in the murder of 3000 U.S. citizens on 911! This Obama investigation is  nothing more than a witch hunt to try and destroy the integrity of our covert intelligence agency that has successfully prevented  more Americans from being slaughtered by Islamic terrorists since 911.

Deceit comes in many packages. Don’t be fooled by political talking-heads who say this CIA investigation is about prosecuting Officers who use torture as a means of obtaining intelligence. This investigation is about weakening our national defense under the guise of being a “kinder – gentler” nation toward radical Muslims. 

Like the lion stalking a herd of antelope, he seeks the weak or the wounded as his target and torpedoes his enemy with precision stealth. His mission is not complete until his prey is executed and his stomach is filled. There are parallels between the hungry lion and the new American enemy. We are constantly stalked  and will be targeted at their first opportunity to smell political weakness.

The CIA is crucial to our survival as a free, capitalistic, sovereign nation. You can’t remain safe when your intelligence officers won’t gather intelligence for fear of being prosecuted by their own government. This is the scenario Obama and his faculty are setting up with our enemies. 

Al Qaeda does not fight its wars against the “Infidel” by abiding by the Geneva Conference. Hell, they don’t even wear a uniform or take orders from a  recognized government! These terrorists share many borders, many languages and one single religion – Islam. They also share one common goal – to kill you and defeat capitalism, your Country, your faith and your way of life.

Millions of Americans “get it” but our current Congress and President don’t. If they “got it”, they would not be undermining the CIA by mitigating its ability to safeguard our borders and our freedoms. Do they have ulterior motives? Yes.

The tubes of dissent have been flooded and the angst of patriots has begun to flow across America. Our Nation is too great to have it topple at the hands of weak politicians. Our Nation is too strong to let it broach at the ineptness of Washington policy-makers. Our Nation is too intelligent to be fooled by smooth rhetoric from naive leaders. 

Send your final “Familygram” to your elected politicans demanding they reverse the tides of socialism now or face the ultimate ballastic weapon – your vote of displeasure in 2010.

Obama and his Democrat supporters may not fear the Terrorist but they do fear not being re-elected in 2010 and 2012.

See you at Mid-rats.




  1. It is very important to remember that it was the young people that put the current idiot in office. i have very lttle faith in our society in general.Our young people scream for justice and want what is do to them.But these are the same young people that will go out of their way to avoid walking in fromt of a military recruitment office. I am not buying their story’s or our current presidents half truths.He knows he is not born from U.S. soil. I have heard tumbleweed that we and God put this man in office. Over 92% of Americans claim to be Christians but the majority do not even own a Bible or go to church.I like to call these people C.E.O’s.They attend church and pray On Christmas,Easter,And once in a blue moon. What bunch of Horse Sh….!!! Yes the word Sh… is a word and I am sure you know that meaning.Store High In Transit.

    Ah, this reminds me of the Roman Empire, what a grand time to be alive during the Romans Era.I am not worried about some third world country,we will self impload on our own.Every major country has fallen from within,just ask the Romans. Were not much different from them.This will not be a question of If but when the fusion in the reactor starts to break down and self inpload.

    Fare sea’s and as in aircrew “calm sky”s” my brother in christ.

    • Brother Scott:

      Your opinions are echoed by millions of veterans across the Land – and by civilians too. There is time to re-take our Constitution thru the ballot box in November 2010. It will be an important election. We need to continue to incite Congress unlike any other period in our Republic. They’re no longer representative of their Constituents – they are tyranncial. The central body of “leadership” in Congress is an aged- Hippie movement from the radical 60’s. They won’t accept the reality that their “sex, drugs and rock n’ roll” communal society was a total failure. They live in the past, forcing their un-Godly philospohies for the future on our Nation. Keep the Faith. Be vigilant. Be vocal. Unite the Tea Party movement.

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