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Obama’s 24 Czars: (One’s a Self-Acclaimed Communist!!)

Nasty Nat B&W underway
The “Nasty Nat” on North Atlantic Patrol

My Fellow Bubbleheads:

You served honorably, under extreme situations, on top-secret patrols, locked up for months (some of us years) with no outside communication with family or friends, protecting our Nation from foreign enemies including the Communists. I salute you all. Just when we thought the Cold War was won … we face new challenges right here at Home.

And you thought America had representative government “Of the People”?  It’s undeniable that our representative government has been taking advantage of you for years. The big “Change” came on January 20, 2009. That’s when you lost your Voice regarding the direction of this Country by the actions of this Congress and this President.  Let’s see, since January, Uncle Sam now owns the banks, the largest manufacturing base remaining in America (GM and Chrysler), the mortgage industry – and they’re working desperately on owning the health care industry (20% of our GNP). Yes – you are now an indentured slave and your soul has been sold out to China in the form of IOU’s for Congress’ drunken spending that makes some of our liberty calls look like ice cream socials.

Did you know President Obama has surrounded himself with 24 “Czars” (a number that grows exponentially monthly, with two more yet to be appointed). One more little fact you won’t get sitting on the sofa watching CBS, ABC or NBC.  These Czars are NOT accountable to You, the Congress or the Vice President! They report only to Barack Hussein Obama. They have the power to effect “hope and change” (and perhaps new laws) at their own discretion, for their own purposes, and by their own rules. Does that sound Constitutional to you? It sounds like the Soviet Union, Cuba, Red China, North Korea, Libya, and Iran to me.            OK, I forgot Venezuela.

Guys, do I hear you screaming … “Tumbleweed you must be been smoking crack on your off crews, or you spent way to many patrols sleeping in the  reactor compartment, cuz you ain’t making any sense. Oh really? check this list out:

  • Climate/Energy Czar – Carol Browner
  • Drug Czar – Gil Kerlikowske
  • Car Czar – Steven Rattner
  • Border Czar – Alan Bersin
  • Urban Czar – Adolfo Carrion
  • Regulatory Czar – Cass Sunstein
  • Technology Czar – Aneesh Chopra
  • Copyright Czar – Not appointed yet
  • Education Czar – Arne Duncan
  • WMD Czar – Gary Samore
  • Economic Czar – Paul Volcker
  • Housing Czar – Noli ‘Kabayan’ de Castro
  • Mortgage Czar – Not appointed yet
  • Health-care Czar – Nancy-Ann DeParle
  • Compensation Czar – Kenneth Feinberg
  • Infotech Czar –  Vivek Kundra
  • Faith-based Czar – Joshua DuBois
  • TARP Czar – Herb Allison
  • Stimulus Accountability Czar – Earl Devaney
  • Terrorism Czar – John Brennan
  • Guantanamo Closure Czar –  Daniel Fried
  • Great Lakes Czar – Cameron Davis
  • Intelligence Czar – Adm Dennis Blair
  • Green Jobs Czar – Van Jones
  • AIDS Czar – Jeffrey Crowley
  • Pay Czar – Kenneth Feinberg
  • Yes, our “Green Jobs Czar”, Mr. Van Jones is a self-proclaimed communist. If you check out the backgrounds of a few more of these individuals, I guarantee you’ll see there’s a real radical pattern here. In fact, only a handful of these Czars could actually pass the intelligence background checks required to qualify for submarine duty – and yet these individuals are advising our Commander in Chief!  Yes, and Mr. Obama appointed them all. They weren’t elected and they weren’t scrutinized by a single member of Congress. 

    According to media reports as of the writing of this article, Mark Lloyd, newly appointed Chief Diversity Officer of the Federal Communications Commission, has called for making private broadcasting companies pay licensing fees equal to their total operating costs to allow public broadcasting outlets to spend the same on their operations as the private companies do.  He’s also eyeing the Internet too. Sounds like Pravda hard at work in order to silence free speech in America.

    Cass Sunstein, Obama’s Regulatory Czar listed above, is also working on strategies to silence opposing Obama political views on the Internet and radio under the guise of “the Fairness Doctrine”. If he and Obama have their way, it will be implemented faster than a fire in the battery compartment and the consequences will be equally as devastating on our liberties.

    Gents, this is no time to sit back and watch another NFL flick on the mess deck. This is the time to send your voice, and your body, to Tea Parties, town hall meetings and local rallies. It’s a time to denounce socialism, progressivism and communism in our government. It’s time to oust any elected official in 2010 who does not adhere to our Constitution, founding values and individual liberties. That includes Republicans as much as Democrats. The stakes could not be higher. This Congress and President are leading us into an emergency reactor scram of financial bankruptcy thru zealous spending and obese government. They’re selling your freedom away in the form of massive national debts, pork barrel spending projects, stimulus that don’t work, and social agendas that benefit only themselves. They are pitiful examples of patriots.



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