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Ice Cold: Americans denounce Congress & Obamacare


If you don’t believe in God, perhaps this is a good time to become acquainted with his Wrath and Omnipotence. Just as the Almighty unleashed a snow storm on Obama’s arrival at Copenhagen’s Global Climate Conference (dousing the myths of a melting planet), he also sent  a blizzard into Washington D.C. as Democrat Senator Ben Nelson (NE.) unveiled his ice-cold decision to become the pivotal 60th Senator supporting the next un-Constitutional money-pit called “Obamacare”. 

Senator Ben Nelson now joins the ranks of other liberal elitists who have become political whores for their Party’s goal of transforming America into a bastion of  Socialism, all under the guise of passionate plurality . Congratulations Senator! If you indeed go to the Senate floor in the coming weeks and cast your Obamacare vote, you will also have a new label on your lapel; the Judas of Democracy. 

My patriotic friends, the Obamacare health scare bill has nothing to do with your health. It has everything to do with  total control OVER your health (i.e., your life).  Oh wise People, I think you’ve finally caught on to this liberal scam by the results of all the recent opinion polls indicating almost 60% of  Americans don’t want any form of  this health scare bill to become law. After all, why would anyone want to be told they MUST buy something from the Fed’s (especially healthcare) or face fines and jail time! Hauntingly Soviet if you ask me. 

Excuse me Sen. Nelson, but where in the Constitution does it mandate Americans are subject to buying anything from the federal government.   No where Sir. Our founding Fathers would call your actions ( and those of  the President and Democratic leadership) treasonous. You may recall the brave men and women once called Pilgrims. They fled their homeland’s oppressive monarchy in the early 1600’s for a future filled with liberty and freedom in the new Republic they called Plymouth, Mass.. Ironically, you’re legislating the same oppressive governance our Fathers fought against hundreds of years ago as they fled the monarchy of England. 

If this Obamacare Bill is so fantastic, then why has it been written behind closed doors on a totally partisan basis (that means “for Democrats only” to all you people in Nancy Pelosi’s district).  Further, none of the Senators have read the entire bill (DeJa Vu all over again) and all Democrats are hell-bent on forcing this bill into law at warp speed – before “We the People” learn the totality of its tyranny. If you trust President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi with your health,  then I’ve got some Tucson, Arizona beach-front land to sell you from Al Gore’s global warming real estate portfolio. 

Patriots, it’s time to take back our founding Fathers sacred Land. Your ancestors would demand your call to action. They sacrificed much more than this Congress is willing to offer us. The died on the battlefields of Lexington, Concord,  Bunker Hill, Gettysburg, Richmond, Manassas, Normandy, Iwo Jima, Pearl Harbor, Midway, The Tet Offensive, Hamburger Hill and Baghdad. They died while sailing at sea, patrolling under the sea and flying over the seas. They died for your freedom now and for your children’s freedom in the future. They died protecting your Constitution, your religious freedom, your right to bear arms, your right to post blogs and your right to vote. They did not die supporting a tyranny by radicals whose sole objective is to dismantle capitalism, the American Constitution and Apple Pie.  

2009 began  as the year of “Hope and Change”. It has transpired into the year of  unmitigated spending, record unemployment, Constitutional infringements, massive Government, unprecedented foreclosures, government take-overs of Wall Street, Main Street and manufacturing. Now the Socialists want your health. Are you willing to let them take your health choices without a fight? 

Lame electorates diffuse great Republics.  Are you playing dead-dog with your Nation’s future?  Would you rather sit on your sofa gorging your brain on re-runs of American Idol and Jackass instead of learning what this Congress is doing daily to reduce your freedoms and control your life? If this is the perfect life for you then you deserve the future this Congress is crafting. If this isn’t the real “you”  it’s not too late to get informed and get vigilant.  

2010 will be the season for the Second American Revolution. It will be a time to exercise your right to vote this Congress into the history books as the most devastating Congress to ever govern these United States. You won’t protect your, family, religion, freedom, savings, guns or future by letting these Socialists continue to gain more power over you thru un-Constitutional legislation. This Congress must be overthrown at the ballot box in November.  

May God Bless your vigilance to take back America. 

For a look at what’s happening behind the scenes, check out this documentary. It will embolden you to get off the couch and into the ballot box this November. 




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