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“I WISH I HAD AN OSCAR MAYER WEINER” (cuz everyone would be in luv with me?)

Even Hebrew National would have a hard time passing Anthony Weiner off as a “Kosher Dog” – and Oscar Mayer wouldn’t try selling his spoiled remains to Revlon for political lipstick. In the land of lewdness, liberal loud-mouth and Democrat, Anthony Weiner, is an icon for everything that’s wrong in Washington.


All joking aside, this Congressman from New York makes a mockery of modesty, has lost the respect of his wife, his family and  all Americans who think he’s actually in Washington DC solving the problems at-hand. Instead, Mr. Weiner’s  priorities have been as deviant as his politics. In between “Sexting” crotch-shots of his Weiner to women 1/2 his age, he’s been spraying vehement rhetoric on FOXNews for weeks about the ills of conservatism and the need to spend more, tax more and raise the national debt ceiling to avoid financial cataclysm . Hummm, the only thing that’s making sense now is the public outcry to oust this pervert before he does more damage to America by voting on new spending bills. BUT we are talking about Washington, where wrong is right, day is night, hot is cold, spending is King and living like nobility is paramount over the concerns of the Peasants.

While Americans flip their Vienna dogs over the Democrats inability to;  submit a balanced budget (or any budget for that matter), reduce record unemployment, reduce small business taxation, promote consumer lending, reduce gas/diesel taxes, stop funding open-ended wars in Iraq, Afghanistan Libya (and perhaps Yemen in the near future) and idly allow food & clothing prices to soar weekly…  Congress members, like Anthony Weiner, get another tax-payer check, free medial benefits, lifetime pensions, free travel expenses, free office space, and lavish expense accounts. Get the big picture? There’s a new strain of fungus in Washington called Weineritis.

What exactly is Weineritis? America isn’t waiting for Merriam Webster’s definition, because we know Webster won’t define deviants, perverts, liars or Congressman by name. The wave of perversion inside the Beltway isn’t something new either, or constrained to any one political party, but it is something happening more frequent, more intense and more flagrant under the “most transparent” Administration in history.

Weineritis is a reflection of what happens when a society looses moral foundation, scoffs at GOD, shuns religion and denies individual responsibility. Weineritis is a by-product of secular socialism and the 1960’s “cultural revolution”. Like a cancer, it feeds on healthy cells, turning good ones to bad, and eventually life to death. Weineritis is a denial of reality in an effort to promote self aggrandisement. It is your Government today.

Like a pathos, Congressman Weiner’s initial denial of any wrong-doing has succumbed to an assertion only to his wife and supporters, that he’s “sorry for his bad judgement” but he’s unwilling to resign. Funny how Weineritis effects the mind’s ability to rationalize immorality isn’t it? If Americans continue to allow Weineritis to spread unchecked inside the Capitol, this Nation will soon collapse under the decay of the disease.

Congressman Weiner reminds me of biting into a cold Chicago Vienna dog, laced with spoiled pickle-lilly, sour mayo, no onions, and no mustard. A real let down at the least, and a toxic tango at the best. The only think I can suggest to Mr. Weiner is bite this:



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