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DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS: Obama Flounders and Jihad Hits The Heartland

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Fellow SubVets: Do we ask Janet Napolitano if we're still Terrorists?

I’m not the sharpest knife on the mess deck, and I admit it, but I sure know when President Obama is blowing my ballast tank about what happened at Ft. Hood.  Any sound sub vet knows; if  it looks, smells, tastes and feels like 911, it’s definatley 9-1-1. This time call it “Jihad II”. Once again, innocent Americans are slaughtered in the name of Allah. This time in the Hearland, on a U.S. military base, “deep in the Heart of Texas”.  

Maj. Hasan made his premeditated intentions known to the world as he opened fire with a semi-automatic pistol on unsuspecting US Army troops, screaming “Allahu Akbar!” while he systematically murdered one person after another.  Hasan murdered in the name of Allah, pure and simple.  

So what are the intentions of this Commander-in-Chief?  His responses have been blatantly passive and pathetically weak. It’s quite obvious that Obama is more sympathetic to his fellow Muslims than he has been about telling Americans he will uncover the truth behind this massacre. The President is hiding behind his Muslim religion in order to protect radical Muslims engaged in Jihad. The era of  politically correct government.  Maj. Hasan engaged in an act of war on the US military. He is a terrorist.  Now is the time we need a President and Commander-in-Chief who LEADS and not one who cowers and apologizes.  SAN1 is overflowing with “hope and change” and empty of truth and reality.

Enough of the tripe coming out of the White House via the President’s liberal press corps. Americans are being water-boarded with coverage telling us Maj. Hasan was a  “victim” of  this or suffering from a “disorder” of that. Pure unadulterated B.S.. Sorry socialists, but the real “victims” (13 murdered and 29 wounded) were Army soldiers who proudly served the USA to defend your loins from the very type of terrorist attack perpetrated on them.  What happened at Ft. Hood was not a tragedy – it was an act of WAR.

Let’s get right down  to it … Major Hasan is NOT suffering from pre-traumatic stress anything. He’s suffering from Radical Islamic Jihad Disorder. Pathetically our President and his advisors are all suffering disorders too; “Islamic Jihad Disorder” (a failure to acknowledge, combat and defeat radical Islamic terrorism inside America).

 Let’s take a look at this from periscope depth through the lense of truth. The Obama Administration is vexed in a sea of politically correct, socialist ideologies, that hinder America from adequately protecting itself from radical Muslims.   This ideology espouses a believe that Americans should never “offend” anyone who has opposing views, especially if those views come from Muslims. Ironically, these same ideologues believe it’s perfectly acceptable to offend Jews and Christians. Ah, the double-standard. This cancer has also leached into our military bureaucracy.

In the mind of  a liberal, it’s easier for society to “just get along” and accept radical Muslim anti-American views, than it is confronting the truth at flank speed. Pacifism is killing our society, not truism. Call it like it is; political correctness, elitism, statism, socialism or communism, their meanings all have the same outcomes when left un-checked; innocent people died at the hands of evil, in the name of Allah on Texas soil.

Don’t Mess With Texas” is more than popular slogan. It’s a way of life. If you’ve ever had the priviledge to live or visit the Republic of Texas, you know the meaning.  Texans certainly have a heritage for understanding what it takes to fight for freedom. The Alamo is not a plush resort or weekend get-away for the liberal rich and famous. It’s a historical shrine epitomizing how sacred freedom really is and how Texans fought until death to preserve this liberty that radical Muslims despise. 

Maj. Hasan, you picked a fight with the wrong military – you also picked a fight with the wrong state. Not a smart idea for a treasonist and mis-guided Jihadist. 

The time is here Americans to step-up and take back your Congress and your White House. No longer is the past 2008 election a referendum on “hope and change”. That mentality is getting us killed. The 2010 mid-term elections are less than a year away. You MUST mobilize your thoughts, muster your enthusiasm, and master your ambitions, in order to overthrow socialism in America.

Your security, finances, health, free speech, Constitution, families and liberties are all at risk. 

Remember the Alamo. Remember to vote socialism out.



One Response to “DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS: Obama Flounders and Jihad Hits The Heartland”

  1. Hey Kickback:

    Your points are well taken. Thanks for replying to blog.

    You must mobilize your base and vote all the liberal Democrats out of office next November. They’re counting on the “wacko right wing” veterans, moderates and Tea Partiers to loose interest and give up their fight to take back our Constitution. Fat chance. Like you said, despite George “W’s” negatives regarding open borders and illegals, he kept us safe from attack for almost 8 years.

    The enemy smells weakness in Washington. Just like the mighty lion patiently stalking his prey, Jihad strikes when it sees vulnerability. Obama and his minions have placed us in harms way and opened pandora’s box by deciding to bring the 911 Gitmo terrorists back into NYC for civilian trial.

    Not a day goes by where these socialists stop their onslaught on our liberties, freedom and safety. They are pathetic.

    Keep the faith and “Remember the Alamo”.


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