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Who am I, Mr. Etheridge? I am one of many millions of veterans who are wise enough to see thru your bitch-slapping of a young man asking you a simple question, “Do you fully support the Obama agenda”?

After seeing your response,  my conclusion is you not only fully support  Mr. Obama’s agenda, you also have a doctorate degree implementing Chicago-style Obama thuggery. Nothing like a knee-jerk, head-slap reaction, Mr. Congressman.  George Washington would be proud of you.

Congressman Etheridge, your  assault on a teenage reporter displays the political meltdown occurring in Washington under Obama and the Democratic-controlled Congress ( You clearly show the level of contempt  Obama and the rest of the Democrats have toward America.

We are truly being governed by an illegitimate, contemptuous and arrogant group of elitists who, like yourself,  abide only by their own rule of law, while legislating a separate code of law for the rest of us.  THE  INMATES ARE RUNNING THE ASYLUM.

Who am I Congressman Etheridge? I’m a very concerned veteran who is dissatisfied with;  you,  President Obama, the Democrats, your spending, your Leadership Deficit Disorder, your Obamacare, your Oil Spills, your arrogance, your bailouts, your takeovers, your blow-hard speeches, your unemployment, your marxist policies, your open borders, your defense cuts, and your blatant disregard for the U.S. Constitution.

The revolution is coming 11.2.10 to a ballot box near you Congressman. Millions of Democrats, Independents and Republicans are fed up with liberal politicians like you who have “lost it”. You have not represented middle America for decades. The past 16 months have been unbearable.

Any Statesman who assaults a young citizen must resign. Your time has come to resign. If the table was turned and that young reporter had slapped your head, grabbed your neck or held onto your arm – you would have had him arrested on-site.

I’m starving for this President and Congress to live, love and legislate like Statesman from our past. From a time when America fostered leaders who knew right from wrong and good from evil. A time when America;  won wars, put men on the moon, defeated communism,  cut taxes, created prosperity, spent wisely, taught school children how to read – write – and do math, instead of how to don a condom or attend LaRaza classes. 

viva la revolucion 11.2.10!!!


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