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AZ Border Breach: Obama Refuses To Guarantee Your Safety; Sues AZ Instead



Fellow Patriots: 

Your Nation’s sovereignty is officially breached. President Obama and the liberal Democrat’s have openly failed to protect you from the tidal wave of crime, drugs, kidnapping and illegal aliens flooding into Arizona and into your State. This week the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has officially closed portions of southern Arizona federal land and posted travel warnings for U.S. citizens venturing thru these areas. The U.S. Government will no longer protect you while traveling inside a portion of our Country. Surreal but true. 

The invasion of Mexican drug lords, illegal aliens, weapons and “OTM’s” (Other Than Mexican’s) from various countries including Pakistan and Afghanistan – has reached epic proportions. BLM knows the risks outweigh the pleasures for playing, traveling, living or working inside some parts of Arizona. The Motherland is under siege and the White House remains comatose. 

BLM states the following vast federal lands are now unsafe for entry by U.S. citizens along the Mexican/Arizona border; Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, Coronado National Forest, and the Sonoran Desert Monument. This land stretches northward from Mexico to the southern Tucson metropolitan area. Call it our new “no-man’s land”. 

So where are Democrat President Obama and former Democrat AZ Governor Janet Napolitano (a.k.a. Homeland Security Secretary) regarding multiple requests by AZ Governor Brewer and AZ Senators Kyle/McCain to deploy 6000 National Guards troops to the AZ border? We’re still anxiously awaiting your response Mr. President as to why only 1200 troops will suffice, yet none of these boots has hit our hot desert floor. Your silence is deafening. Your inactions are dangerous. 

What is not silent about this border breach is law enforcement. The U.S. Border Patrol, AZ Highway Patrol, AZ County Sheriffs, Tribal Police and local law enforcement officials publicly report they are out-numbered and out-gunned. The response from BLM, Napolitano and Obama … close-off sovereign land and wave the white flag! The Alamo is aflame. Reload and fire at will. 

President Obama’s silence toward Arizona is as loud as his silence has been for 60 days toward Louisiana Governor Jindal’s request for booms, levies, skimmers and manpower. While Obama is silently playing golf and attending gala dinner parties, the oil and the aliens are invading the MotherLand and choking economies. 

Could there be ulterior motives behind Obama’s ineptness? Let’s play an old game called “connect the dots”. If you look closely at the following individuals titles, you may be able to draw your own conclusion. Good luck and here we go! Governor Jan Brewer (R-AZ), Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA), Senator Kyle (R-AZ) and Senator McCain (R-AZ). Humm, could politics be trumping patriotism from this President? 

While Obama obfuscates in the Oval Office, he places the lives of ordinary Arizona  citizens in harms way. We Arizonans are acting resolutely to protect ourselves from foreign invasion, Washington socialism, Obamacare, federal bail-outs, unsustainable federal spending, federal takeovers of private industry, and open borders with a neighboring government that is controlled by Mexican drug cartels. 

Growing up on Chicago’s South Side I was forced to protect myself from certain evils, ironically like I am doing now in southern Arizona. At a very young age, I learned street sense before I learned common sense. As an adult, I learned how to balance between the two senses. This balance has helped me gain an understanding of Obama’s radical friends, associations and ideologies. This blend of intuitions also gave me the cunning to decipher a man’s lies vs. a man’s truths. My observations about this President:  he can “talk the talk” but can’t “walk the walk”. Great castles, like great nations, were not built on sand. Our great Nation was built on a strong foundation and belief that God is our creator who gave us inalienable rights. Contrarily this Administration is attempting to re-build America on sand by alienating GOD, circumventing our Constitution, and planting the seeds of secular socialism in every aspect of our lives. 

Vigilance is the best deterrent against fascism. Fortunately, history proves that truth can  topple and triumph over totalitarianism. For instance, Rome, Persia, the Soviet Union, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Iraq were all governed by dictators who championed deception via diplomacy. They also all shared a common fate. They collapsed by outside forces inducing truth into deception. 

Now is the time for Patriots to stand resolute against the forces of socialism and communism now at the helm in Washington D.C.. The time is here to expose all the lies and deception being legislated and perpetrated on Americans thru the guise of “hope and change”. If you’re a veteran you understand very well what’s at stake. You took and oath to serve and protect the U.S. Constitution from all enemies, foreign AND domestic. That oath did not have a termination date like your separations papers did. Many of you served and fought in wars within the past few decades. Your mission; to overthrow communism, dictatorships, and evil in far-off lands, so those forces would not come home to destroy truth, justice and the American Way. 

Make no mistake about it. This Administration has waged war against capitalism and constitutionalism. Patriots will win this war one battle at a time. Like Arizona, the conservative war to preserve America as a Republic has no borders. Mr. President, you won’t leave the White House back yard unprotected so why are you  leaving our back yard unprotected? 




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