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Aye, Aye, “YOU LIE” !

... "To Shut Up While I Waterboard Healthcare Down Your Throat"


President Obama’s Healthcare address to Congress Wednesday, September 10, 2009 was one more example of  how easy it is for this Commander in Chief to blantantly lie to America. If you believed one word of his tripe, you’re hallucinating on Obama Grape Durple. This man has no conscience, just ego. That is a dangerous cocktail for America’s future.

The only person who wasn’t lying during Mr. Obama’s speech was Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC), when he shouted ” YOU LIE!” in response to Mr. Obama’s statement that illegal aliens will not be entitled to receive healthcare. Obviously President Obama hasn’t READ THE BILL – or he’s lying.  In either case, he has lost more credibility. Presidents who loose credibility (remember Carter and Nixon?) loose their ability to lead and become a liability to American domestic and international politics.  

Representative Joe Wilson was the only person in the Capitol last night who had the cojones big enough to tell it like it is.

A lie – is a lie.  Flooding is flooding.

More than one lie is deceit. More than one flooded compartment is disaster.

Deceit destroys democracy and leads to tyranny. Flooding on a nuclear submarine kills sailors and creates international chaos.

Because Mr. Obama happens to be the President, doesn’t give him a license to lie. Like a scream coming from inside a smoke-filled engine room, Congressman Wilson’s two-words of  “truth” reverberated inside the Capitol like the sound of the dive alarm on the con; concise and full of exactness. We need much more of this ideology in our Nation’s capital to rid our leadership of  the disease called “socialism” which  is a cancer to our survival as a free Nation.

This President and Congress are flooding our society with lies, deceit, spending and debt. This President is surrounding himself with CZARS (“friends”) who are detrimental to our free capitalist society. Van Jones (who I wrote about several weeks ago on a separate page) resigned this week after his background was exposed and he was found to be a self-acclaimed Communist.  There are other CZARS he has appointed now under similar scrutiny with open ties to radical groups who also opposed Capitalism and promote socialism. There is a distinct pattern of radical leadership controlling your nation right now. If you don’t stop the flooding now, you will perish and implode like the Thresher and Scorpion.

Your actions are needed now to preserve our Constitution for your children and generations to come. Take Congressman Wilson’s lead and get some big cojones by telling your elected representatives you will not tolerate more deceit.

 Fix the economy now. Healthcare can wait until it’s been openly debated. Any industry that controls  almost 20% of our economy should not be gutted with 30 days of debate and no oversight. You people can’t run Medicare and Social Security properly – so why should we ever think you can control 20% of our economy better than the private sector does now?

Stop  spending money like drunken submariners on a first night’s liberty off  patrol. 

Secure our borders now. No soverienty = No Country.

Increase Defense spending – don’t cut it!!! We’re at WAR you idiots!

Fund Missile Defense in the US and Europe. You geniuses just cancelled funding!!!!!

Reduce the size of the Federal Government. HA!

Increase the power of State governments. HA!

NO amnesty for illegal aliens. (We know that’s your next agenda).

NO public healthcare for illegal aliens.

Don’t tell me I MUST have government healthcare. Kiss off.

Do your damn jobs and write legislation that won’t bankrupt our Country.

Here’s the rub my fearful leaders ..  we know you have no intentions of doing any of these sensible solutions. So that puts us at a crossroads in American history. If you try the “nuclear” option (Reconciliation) and ram this healthcare legislation down our throats, you will be in for a surprise that could make those Town Hall meetings look tame.

You see, we understand your agenda perfectly now; more power, more greed, more corruption.



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