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ISLAM'S DEMON - Khalid Sheik Mohammed

The liberal Washington insanity keeps rising to the surface, day after day. As we approach the 1-year mark in President Obama’s Presidency and his indoctrination as  your new Commander-in-Chief, it’s highly unfortunate that almost every day American’s are greeted with another post-911 news story that eclipses the previous day’s left-wing lunacy. Have we reached the surface of insanity yet? No.

Now we’re facing the most incredible debacle of Obama’s presidency. He’s invited the 9-1-1 mastermind, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, to New York City. Why would Obama invite this man and his accomplices to partake in a civilian trial in NYC,  rather than a military trial at GITMO ?  The Administration would argue it’s a motion to allow enemy combatants to receive a fair trial. I would argue it’s a motion to put  the American military and CIA  on trial. Pure politics.

Just like the infamous O.J. Simpson trial, this world-wide media spectacle will serve as only as a platform for Obama’s minions to place our heroic police, fire, military and intelligence agencies on trial rather than the self-admitted Jihadists.  Welcome to President Obama’s post 911 American justice system. Placing enemy war criminals on trial in U.S. civilian courts and providing them the same judicial priviledge granted to U.S. citizens.

There will be no real justice in this liberal Washington fiasco. Only hype and hysteria O.J. style.  Haven’t we been affected enough from this tragedy? An entire Nation, including those who lost  family and friends in the World Trade Center, the fields of Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon , will have to re-live the horrors of September 11th all over again. All of this big-top circus atmosphere will be complete with  liberal lawyers and international TV talking-heads flooding NYC to hear why the terrorists felt they were justified to murder thousands of U.S. citizens.

  “Justice” will take on a new venue this time. It will be distorted by pathetic liberal politicians and defense attorneys who’s concerns about serving a “just” sentence  will play back-seat to the what’s really at stake; placing American democracy on trial – not the Islamic radicals. Liberal coup d’état against the Establishment? Without question.

If real justice were the ultimate goal by this President he would follow the traditional rules of engagement and try these war combatants as murders in a military court. This is the outcome of an election platformed with “hope and change” and what happens when you elect a President with no military, business or political experience during a time of  war.

Thanks to America’s 2008 vote we’re now learning what this Administration is all about.  This decision to bring the bad guys back to New York will undermine our ability as a free nation to win future wars. By perversely changing the definition of ” justice”, Obama and Attorney General Holder are legitimizing civilian laws for foreign war criminals. The end-result will lead to a  charade of legal  faux pas previously reserved only for twisted Hollywood movie logic, not the murder of thousands of unsuspecting Americans. 

Your security as a Nation will soon be put on trial by liberal lawyers, in concert with radical Muslim Jihadists, for the purpose of breaking down our resolve to face evil Jihad in the cross-hairs. No war on U.S. soil has ever been won by trying self-admitted war criminals in a civilian courtroom. No war has ever been won by using appeasement tactics. No war has ever been won by providing murders of innocent civilians a stage to prosecute their accusers. Knowing these facts there are only a few conclusions to be drawn from this terrible decision; maybe Obama doesn’t want to win this war – or he doesn’t know how to.  Both analogies are dangerous for America. It will soon be showtime in America. Grab your beer, popcorn and jerky and sit back while CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC and PBS put America on trial. This is the price we’ll pay for being  a society mesmerized in “hope and change”.  

September 11, 2001 was a supposed to be day like any other; off to work in the World Trade Center and Pentagon to pay for the family’s new home in the D.C. or the Bronx, save for Johnny’s first year at NYU, pay for Mommy’s new sofa, or plan for Princess’ new braces. Instead it was a day of premeditated murder by radical Muslims against the “infidels”.

Maybe you knew someone who boarded one of the fateful flights loaded with Jihadists leaving a trail of death and destructions from Pennsylvania, to Washington D.C , to New York City. Maybe you knew others who went to work that day to accomplish great deeds at an upcoming business meeting. Perhaps you knew one of the pilots, co-pilot s or flight attendants aboard those human missiles. Whatever your situation was on 9/11/2001, you will never forget the solemn hours watching television as the World Trade Centers collapsed and The Pentagon burned. You’ll never forget the  brave police and fire people who rushed into harms way, selflessly searching for life in the midst of death. 911 will forever be memorialized in each of our lives as a day when Evil invaded America. These victims will forever be remembered as the true Martyrs of Freedom. 

More than eight years have passed but the wounds have  not healed. Ground Zero remains an empty plot of hallowed ground. New York remains on high alert for another attack. Now your President is preparing to bring  Evil back to Ground Zero as a mis-guided attempt to seek “justice” for the Jihadists rather than justice for the victims.

The rule of law will best be served by trying these murders in a military tribunal at GITMO, then executing them summarily. No other venue is deserving. No other venue is just. No other act will send a clear, undeniable signal to other radical Muslims; killing American civilians in the name of Allah will offer you a one-way trip to only one destination and it won’t be New York. Are you seeking the truth Mr. President or succumbing to liberal politics?

It’s time to take a stand fellow American vets. You have the experience, wisdom and resolve to tell this radical U.S. government they are dead wrong on bringing this circus to NYC. Obama’s decision to try Evil back in NYC is nothing short of a cheap political venue to vindicate liberal agendas and place  traditional Americana on trial.

May God Bless America and the  9-1-1 victim’s families as we  all prepare for another round of insanity in NYC.




  1. u do realize that the U.S. constitution states that every man, woman, and child has the right to a free trial no matter what. They will get what they deserve. Im not sure i understand ur anti-liberal comments. You seem to provide little reason on why we are so evil. Moreover you have little evidence supporting your claims which can therefore be considered not legitimate.

    • Dear Liberal:

      The Consititution was written to provide governance, structure, rules, regulations, rights and life-purpose for lawful U.S. citizens. It was not written to offer protection for crimes committed by foreigners (terrorists) against the U.S. and captured on foreign soil.

      Perhaps your comment about every “man, woman and child having the right to a free trial no matter what”, refers to the VI Amendment to the U.S. Consititution. For your reference it reads:

      “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been commited, which district shall have been previously ascertaind by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense.”

      Where in this Amedment can you infer the right to a fair and speedy trial for a foreigner captured on foreign soil? The 911 terrorists who masterminded the attack were not U.S. citizens and were not captured within a U.S. “State or district”. They have no protection or rights under U.S. civilian law.

      I don’t consider liberals evil. I do consider them dangerous because they make decisions based on emotions not facts.

      Sir or Madam, you’re either living in a complete vacuum or are part of the problem if you don’t understand what’s happening to this Country by liberal politicians who don’t share the same priciniples, visions or future that our Founding Fathers had in drafting our Constitution.


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