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Badge of Honor

Badge of Honor

Not a week goes by where this Congress, this President or their associations aren’t implicated in some outrageous, radical or criminal  activity. Now it’s the President’s previous employer, “ACORN”, an acronym for the  Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now.

 This taxpayer-funded criminal enterprise boasts offices in 50 American cities and offers  public assistance for just about anything “A-Z” that a criminal requires to get started in your neighborhood.

 Need to get someone elected fast? Just call up ACORN and they’ll have a list of fictitious new voters delivered to your polling precinct  faster than it takes a Trident ICBM to go from launch depth,  to Afghanistan!

Need tips on how to start up a brothel? (I know a few of you guys are listening now) Just call up your local ACORN office and they’ll be your quartermaster, helmsman and navigational aid all wrapped up into one.

Need help obtaining a mortgage for an “undocumented” aunt, uncle or cousin? Just call ACORN and they’ll have the papers ready for signature faster than an emergency blow at 1000 feet.

Need help laundering your prositute “friend’s” wages? Just call ACORN and they’ll have you pimped-out faster than it takes a “Non-Qual” to get qualified on his 3rd patrol.

Could there be a dotted line between ACORN and President Obama? From his early political days in Chicago canvassing for a variety of ACORN ideologies, to his lawyer days in 1995 defending ACORN, to his Senate years prior to becoming elected, President Obama has ties with this criminal enterprise whose billion-dollar annual budget is funded with your hard-earned tax money.  Again, another association Mr. Obama has with shady radical  individuals that are using your hard-earned taxpayer monies to promote radical, un-American ideologies.

Please take a few minutes Bubbleheads to reflect on what’s happening the past 8 months in this new era of “hope and change”. Is this the type of hope and change you risked your lives to protect?

If you’ve already connected the dots, than get ahold of your local Congressional representatives and tell them to assure ACORN is de-funded and criminally investigated immediately. This isn’t time to turn over in your rack to get another 5 minutes of shut-eye before watch.




  1. Tumbleweed. I agree with you 100% and I have sent letters to my representatives. The problem I see is that when they “Socialist Radicals” get wind that one of their own is in trouble or about to be investigated they kill the investigation. Even after we have proven their corruption, nothing happens to them (i.e. the Black Panters “guarding” the polling sites during the pPresidental election). All of us in the military, past, present, and hopefully future have sworn to support and defend The Constitution of the United States against “all enemies” foriegn and domestic. The way I see it, we are now experiencing domestic enemies that are threatening our constitution. Seriously doubt the current management will ever issue any new mobilization orders to prevent the completion of their plans. In the end, the truth always wins. Problem is a great deal often is lost waiting on people to wake up and smell the coffee.

    • Larry:

      Thanks for your service to our Country. I grew up in the 60’s on Chicago’s South Side, not far from Obama’s ACORN stomping grounds – and a couple miles from his Rev. Wright’s “church of hate”. I remember all of the violence of the 60’s, inlcuding Jessee Jackson, the Black Panthers, Bill Ayers associations with the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society?) and the burning, looting and rioting of our Chicago neighborhoods. All very negative moments in my youth and our Country.

      Like you said, in the end the Truth always wins. Our People have moved on for decades in a positive manner. Blacks, Whites, Reds, Yellows … we united behind our differences for decades – until last January. Mr. Obama ‘s radical upbringing, friends and associations incorportae many radical 60’s Hippies and Activists who were a part of the dismantling of American capitalism in the 60’s. They now are covertly in positions of power in our Government – and where Obama knows they couldn’t pass Congressional “muster” – he appointed them as CZARS.

      They’re attempting to legislate their experimental, outdated, immoral and anti-American ideologies on the masses. They’re also using the “race card” where ever possible to divide the masses and demonize conservatives. This is why it’s our duty as veteran leaders to educate our neighbors, families and friends and unite conservatives and independents alike to VOTE these liberals out of office.

      Smell your coffee Patriot! Protect your Constitution, liberties, family and Country. Be Vigilant. Be truthful.


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